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About Me

Bobbin is a member of The Abandoned which is a defence force group in Yagoton. We are affiliated with groups such as... The Yagoton Revivification Clinic, Thr33 and apparently I've just become aware that we are affiliated with the Liberation Cross Department.

Bobbin is also a member of the Abandonia community and is helping out and generally talking about old DOS games. Bobbin likes to cartoon too.


I play three characters in Urban Dead. They live comletly different lives, too. So I'm not zerging.

Bobbin Threadbare

This is the character I mainly play as. He is a member of The Abandoned and helps about as much as he can. He is in Yagoton at the moment and is killing zombies and other cool stuff.


This character is NOT the same as the above Bobbin Threadbare one. If you bothered to look clearly tou'll see that there's no spaces. This character is a member of the Ridleybank Resistance Front(RRF). Therefore this character would need to be an undead zombie. He is currently helping on the raid of Caiger Mall and is having a ball due to the large amount of braains! he's eating.


Not breaking the chain, this is another character's name from the best LucasArts game ever, Loom�. Is currently at mansion, somewhere far away that she stumbled upon and is eating the braains! of any living survivor that exits. This would also make this character a zombie. It's awful low on level, so it needs braains! to increase her level and XP.


Embedded in this section is the lives of each character each time I log in as them. I suppose it won't be updated often as no one will probably bother to look at this page. There may also be something exciting that happens to my main group (The Abandoned). But it will be something that I can share with the public. So, group (not that you'll visit) nothing to worry about.

2nd December, 2005

The Abandoned Mailing List, still in BETA form isn't making much progress as to earlier. I've gotten rid of e-mail through that aardvark piece of crap so it's directly e-mailed from me. Though, aardvark is still being used to subscribe. To subscribe you MUST be a trustee of The Abandoned.

Bobbin Threadbare

Bobbin is sitting in a school collecting some spraycans. Not that he has tagging yet. He managed to get nine, but is working on getting ten. He's out of APs now. Then he's gonna kill some zombie scum and buy tagging. Then consruction.


He's currently logging in now... Some Drakk fuckwit killed me. Oh, great! He headshotted me too. Zombie brotherins, feel free to murder this white meat! Ok, I'm back up. Lucky I have Ankle Grab. Oh my! There's only 380 zombies at the mall something must be wrong. Hehe. I like your braains!, Rikka.


I'm now dead again after some punk revivifying me with a NecroTech syringe. So I waste 10APs standing up. Next time I'm revivifyed, I'm gonna get a crowbar. Now I shall eat this unusually large housecat's braains!

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