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Hello, fellow hunters. I hope you are all doing well. May I offer you some wine? Only the finest for my comrades.

If you're here, then you are the same as me. You enjoy the thrill of the hunt, of the chase, of the battle. However, I feel, and can assume you feel, that it gets a bit boring after a while. While the undead may have made things exciting for a while, they too become predictable. Some of you may have turned to what is traditionally the most dangerous game- humans. With their high powered weapons and orgaization, they are formidable indeed.

However, this too is beginning to bore me. So I have devised a plan to make things more interesting for all of my fellow hunters.

The Plan

I will create several alts, whos sole purpose is to be killed by you. I will report on their location every 10 AP, not including the place where they rest. I will acknowledge your victory on your Talk page, and will not report you to any PK list.

The Alts

None yet! Show support or disgust on the Talk page. BoboTalkClown 01:38, 16 February 2008 (UTC)

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