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Character: Gwen Harrison

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Gwen Harrison woke up one morning and thought it'd be a great idea to see the entire city. While she was there, she decided she'd take notes on everything she sees.

Her main goal is to document the status of every large building and mobile phone mast in the city. However, as a dual nature player, she can only document what she sees while she is alive. Gwen knows that the zombies make the game more fun, and won't deny anyone the fun of killing her undead corpse and throwing it out onto the street.

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Character: Officer Buckle

Officer Buckle and his dog Gloria Officer Buckle, and his dog Gloria are determined to teach the city of Malton all the safety tips they can. While they do that, Officer Buckle and Gloria will also travel around, checking on the safety of the large buildings and mobile phone masts of Malton. The two of them may or may not be in contact with Gwen via radio, but if they're not, by pure luck, they're checking out the south sides of Malton, while Gwen reviews the upper.

Character: Kitty Harper

(Note: Kitty's personality was written when I was 14. She's everything 14-year-old me thought was cool, so therefore, she's everything 27-year-old me cringes about)

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Have you ever played Stratego? Several of your pieces, I think nine, are called scouts. If anything attacks them, they're dead. You just use them to find out where your opponent's pieces are. They're disposable.

Well, the military treated me like that. As soon as I mastered Free Running, they sent me out, gave me a flare gun and no clue what I would be up against. "You're a scout. Find a radio and tell us what's going on."

I just wanted to be an artist. Mom said that that was pointless, I should join the military. It'd give me a future.

Thanks, Mom. Look at the future I've got now.

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Before the outbreak, Kitti Harper lived somewhere in California, no one's really sure and she's certianly not telling.


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