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Radu Bogdan


Sex: Male

Age: 22

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: Romanian

Allegiance: Survivors

Appearance: Dark-brown hair, brown eyes

Class: Soldier

Squadron: 904th Attack Helicopter

Rank: Lieutenant

Status: Unknown

Short Bio

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Bogdan on the streets of Malton

Bogdan joined the army when he was 19 and was quickly accepted into the air-forces. Two years of flying the AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter earned him the lieutenant rank. In these two years, he and his co-pilot survived every conflict they were sent in, thanks to formidable teamwork and talent.

On the 13th of December, 2009, he was sent on a patrol mission over the closed city of Malton. His aircraft suffered a malfunction to the tail engine and had to crash-land in Spicer Hills. Sadly, Bogdan's co-pilot didn't survive the crash. Irony has it that while he was scavenging for any useful supplies at the crash site, the undead flooded around him so he was forced to run away with just his handgun and a First-Aid Kit. Both Bogdan and his co-pilot were labeled as M.I.A. and were left to fate by the military forces, afraid that a rescue operation would spread the virus.

A day later, he found his way into one of the police departments and grabbed some weapons and ammo for personal defense. He started wandering Malton, trying to learn this strange environment and lending a hand to whoever needed it (except to zombies, who needed his brain, not hand). [Journal entries will be posted in the section below]

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Malton Journal; Lieutenant Radu Bogdan

Entry 1 - December 17, 2009 - Spicer Hills

Been two days since I crash-landed in this hell-hole. It's ironic that I didn't manage to crash on the other side of the border considering I'm so close to it. I managed to evade the undead and get inside a police station where I found myself amidst a big group of survivors. A few greeted me warmly while others ignored me completely. No wonder, most are veterans in this city. I grabbed another gun and a shotgun from the armory found a place to sleep on the second floor. I awoke at the sound of gunfire in the night and witnessed two survivors mauled to death by zombies while a few survivors were pouring shells into them. The fight was over before I could join. It seems that this place isn't safe enough, even if people say it's one of the safest areas right now. I'll go into the streets to take a look around as soon as I regain my strength.

Always thought I'd end up in hell but this is not what I expected. Bogdan signing off.

Entry 2 - December 20, 2009 - Lockettside

Ah, Christmas is coming and I'm stuck in this hellhole, instead of being back home with my family and my girl. I've worked my way up to Lockettside and took shelter in the Bridgewater Crescent PD to resupply. I've managed to kill 2 zombies so far and, considering how resistant they are, I felt good about it. Some survivors say there's a mall in this suburb that is under human control but I don't feel like going there yet. I've heard both good intel and mad ramblings on the radio so I want to keep away from some survivors as much as I do from zombies since I might find myself with a bullet in the head. Lately I found myself practicing what people around here call "Free Running" ... I jump from building to building without stepping into the street and that usually makes a difference between being safe and being lunch. I'll stick around in this area for a couple of days to see what news and gear I can gather and maybe I'll head north, to the mall, to see if I can lend a hand.

As a side note, the food around here stinks. All I had were canned beans and some fried meat I don't dare ask where it came from. Welcome to Malton.

Entry 3 - December 24, 2009 - Lockettside

What a way to spend a Christmas Eve. I died yesterday. "Happens every now and then." the other survivors say. To be honest, it was a terrible experience. I got shot by a madman who took my cigarettes! This suburb has gone to the dogs. Later that day, I found myself lying in the dirt with an empty needle stuck in my neck. I guess this was the "reviving" everyone talked about. When I got up an remembered the experience, I went and shot down two zombies out of frustration, then retreated to a safehouse nearby. Bloody survivors are more dangerous than zombies. Well, I'm stuck here so might as well make the best of it. I'll go find some liquor in the morning to celebrate this day. I'm actually getting "in the spirit" with all the Christmas lights and decorations here.

I think I've gotten better at firing guns. Should prove useful. Now I gotta enjoy a nap while I'm still breathing.

Entry 4 - December 29, 2009 - Lockettside

I've been spending the last few days in the Tompson Mall, scavenging every gun shop I could find. I'm quite well-stocked on ammo right now so I was thinking of heading north. Survivors keep talking about a huge zombie wave heading this way and I'm not sure I want to stick around to find out if it's true or not. Call me a coward but as long as we don't get .50 caliber machineguns airdropped, I won't stand and face hundreds of these bastards with just two handguns and a shotgun. At least I was here long enough to clean out some of the zombies around the suburb and get some normal food (as in a few cans of beans and some jerky) so I've had my share of sticking around this area. I'll get some sleep to be ready for the trip and then I'm heading for the hills.

This mall reminds me of the mall back home minus the zombies, the guns and the bodies outside. At least it's free of angry ladies who whack me with the purse for talking the last box of their favorite pizza.

Entry 5 - December 31, 2009 - Mornington

Instead of heading directly north, I decided to wander around for a bit. I have no idea what this part of the city has to offer so I'm scouting as much as I can. I currently took refuge in the Noakes Arms, a local pub in Mornington, and it's likely this is where I'll spend the New Year night. Only 3 other people here with me but at least there's liquor and the barricades are strong enough to hold. I'm gonna stock up on a few bottles and go to the roof to have a drink and watch some flares since fireworks are long gone. Better than nothing and it reminds me of home. I'm gonna move locations again in the morning, when I'm sober enough to aim and walk at the same time.

Well, Happy New Year, everyone ... as happy as one can get in this infested town.

Entry 6 - January 03, 2010 - Crooketon

The last few days have been a bit the same to me. I went out during the day and placed a few rounds in zombies and then I went back to the local hospital to sleep for the night. Lately I was thinking that the only thing I can do as a soldier is keep the zombie population in check but they are too tough and too many for a handful of guys to keep in check, you'd need a full-equipped brigade to actually make a big difference. That's when I came across a medical manual and I started reading it through the nights when I couldn't sleep much. I learned the basics of diagnosing somebody and decided that I could help more by patching other survivors up than kill every wandering zombie. I gathered a good amount of medical supplies and I was thinking of heading out to see who needs a disinfectant and some bandages in a while.

The city is in dire need of real doctors so, even with my basic knowledge, I might be able to do some good.

Entry 7 - January 09, 2010 - Crooketon

The past week I spent bandaging people and killing zombies, nothing more. Every day it was the same routine: get up, go to the hospital and get some first aid materials, help out with a few bandages and disinfectant, end the day with a few rounds in a zombie and go to bed. It might have been boring doing the same old things but it proved me that I'm finally getting the hang of the situation. Plus, all those stairs I climbed in the hospital really helped my cardio and my muscles, I feel a bit tougher. Been listening to reports from the External Military and it seems some of the suburbs north of here require a bit of help. I will stock up on ammunition and first aid kits and then I'll head out north, there's not much to do around Crooketon anyway.

Note to self: find cigarettes, these are worth more than gold to me right now.

Entry 8 - January 17, 2010 - Molebank

I wandered around Molebank, Owsleybank and Dunell Hills recently, helping the survivors in the area as much as I can. Some days I went from building to building, patching up people in need while other days were just slug-fests outside, pouring rounds in the zombies to soften them up. I also took some time to scout the area and inform other of the situation outside since few dare to venture too far outside their safehouse. I also got the hang of reinforcing the makeshift barricades that help me sleep well through the night. A locker here, a chair there and suddenly the zombies have to waste more energy before managing to bash through. While this area isn't quite safe at the moment, it certainly keeps me occupied in a better way then the southern parts. Anyway, it was a smart move to head north since survivors passing by informed me of a horde that overran Spicer Hills and the surrounding area about a week ago. Lucky me I guess.

If I'm gonna get anywhere in this city, I'm gonna have to learn how to operate a DNA extractor and those revive syringes soon. And on a side note, I found a good supply of cigarettes in a bar 3 days ago, Bogdan is happy now.

Entry 9 - January 22, 2010 - Peppardville

I've been making my way through Malton in the past days, heading east. I know there are two military forts in the east and south-east and I'm planning to find them and see what's around; I can remember their approximate positions from when I was scouting the area by air. I've heard a broadcast that said survivors are requiring assistance in those areas and I'm willing to lend a hand. I've never ventured this far into Malton and the center, which I've heard is a zombie-fest wasteland, isn't so bad right now. Maybe they migrated south for the winter? I don't care, at least the march here wasn't too difficult. I finally learned to operate one of those bloody DNA extractors, I've had one for two weeks now but I couldn't find a damn manual; now all I have to learn is how to stick the damn syringes. I've heard that you can damage the brain if you poke the needle in a wrong place and those guys become "rotters" and can only be brought back by special science mumbo-jumbo equipment. Intelligent stuff makes me dizzy.

Second side note: Out of cigarettes. When I spend more time searching for a smoke than searching for ammo, you know the city has gone to the dogs. This apocalypse is killing me.

Entry 10 - January 27, 2010 - Fort Creedy

I feel quite safe for the first time since I got here. There are quite a bunch of civilians, scientist and military personnel here that work around the clock to keep the gatehouse zombie-free. I've taken a shift at the gatehouse when I arrived and I've been kept busy by the few dozens of green-skins outside but no major event so far, it seems the barricades are holding quite well. Occasionally a loner smashes through but is quickly disposed by the trained staff, it seems that only a big attack might cause some damage. When I'm not watching for break-ins I'm usually at the infirmary, patching people up and making the best with what I get. Supplies are scarce and ammo stocks are low but I heard the fort gets deliveries once in a while, when the external military sees that it is in survivor hands. So far, so good ...

One thing that gets on my nerves: the damn radio. It's like all the mad men are using the same frequency as the fort staff. Occasionally you wake up with someone screaming "ALLAH IS COMING" into the radio. Awesome.

Entry 11 - February 27, 2010 - Pitneybank, The Farmer Building

It's been more than a month since I've been in Pitneybank and a very busy period. Survivor activity is high in this area and I feel quite safe right now even though I got pummeled to death a couple of times. When I'm not watching the fort gatehouse, I'm in the Farmer Building, a local NecroTech laboratory, where I help with what I can. I even started to make regular runs around the area and showing revivification syringes in zombies. Things are quiet right now and I like it. Well, as we all know, it's the calm before the storm. I heard a big wave of zombies is heading this way, rotting bastards seems to smell us from miles away. Well, I should make the best of it while I'm here, I'm not a pessimist but I don't think the fort will hold on for too long when the greenies show up.

Ah, the smell sound of bullets smashing into the skull of zombies has a certain feeling of pleasure. Call me sick but I'm starting to like shoving things in zombies, be it bullets or syringes. And nothing is better than smoking a cigarette on top of the bodies at the end of the day (that's until they get up again).

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