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Basic Profile Info: Boneshred The Hungry

Zamgrh Nahm

Bahnzhreb Zah Hahngra


My Alts

Under Construction

So, first off, let me say that I would love to see a massive resurgence of the dead over Malton. The map looks -way- too green for an apocalyptic zombie scenario. I'm currently skulking about Dunell Hills, picking off silly brain wielders as I find them, and gnawing my way through barricades to keep the place nice open for my younger zombie brothers. Still, I long to be part of a bigger horde someday.

More to come as I get free time ^^

The Great Journey

Alright, So I'm considering traveling to a different suburb. Not sure where yet. May end up coming back to the Hills, but I think I'd like to make a pilgrimage to Ridleybank, and maybe Whittenside as well. I've read over all the historic events of those places and would like to visit them.

The Herd

I've joined up with The Herd down in Nah Argham. Hopefully it will swell large enough to go on a killing spree through Malton, and possibly hit those locations I hoped to. How much better it would be to see the walls of Fort Perryn during a mob battle, than to casually pass by it as a tourist, and to be welcomed into Ridleybank as part of a procession of zambah brazzarz, than to come to the Capitol of the Undead as a mere wandering feral.

New Calling

I am designing a new religion for Zombies. Not in opposition to Barhah, but rather embracing it in a unique and formalized way. The details are still under development, and I have not named it yet. If any zambah brazzarz would like to help, hit me up on my gab page, I'm certainly open to aid.

Bellum Concilium Mortui Viventes

A grand assembly is being planned. If you represent a zombie hoard, contact us at

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Cgisf-tgg.png Boneshred The Hungry is a zombese linguist.

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