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The plans below are to be used in conjunction with each other.

Free Running Map: Dulston

A concept I had a while ago- outlining specifically what buildings are necessary for easy transit around a suburb. Right now, the only one I have is Dulston, but I intend to do more suburbs at a later date.

If you're not from the Dulston Alliance, feel free to ignore all the DA identifier tags.

The Malton Suburb of Dulston
Club Mold wasteland Stoner's Factory (ELT) Oake Walk P.D. the Naisbitt Building Clewett Alley P.D. Spicer Row P.D. the Beale Building Leeson Alley Troubridge Cinema
Howell Library Andow Towers Lovel Way the Perryn Building Cullen Way
ELT North Depot Bellot Street Mogridge Drive Hamerton Road the Trood Building
Purt Avenue the Bridgman Building Muncey Street
Beach Walk the Turvill Building Weston Crescent Fire Station DITPS East the Much Arms St Barbara's Church a cemetery
Townsend Bank Waddington Towers a warehouse DITPS West wasteland Dead vs. Blue HQ a carpark a factory McZed's Dulston wasteland
wasteland the Pepperell Museum Duport Avenue (RP) Silley Plaza FOXHOUND HQ, MPM the Speak Motel the Holdway Museum Midelton Crescent P.D. Clerck Walk Byers Walk
Club Cocker Gibb Plaza Railway Station E.L.T. HQ WIZARD HQ MacKlin Park Hunters HQ Noblett Drive Woodborn Avenue wasteland Newnam Avenue
the Nurley Museum E.L.T. Main Depot Bruorton Drive Heddington Walk Railway Station Thornhill Alley Bullor Avenue Marsh Avenue Oatley Bank Rayfield Lane the Gatehouse Building
Fleming Library a carpark Treweeke Mall Treweeke Mall Thresh Row Spencer Row a carpark a junkyard Hinge Drive the Pilton Building
Club Dowell Ray Alley Treweeke Mall Treweeke Mall Pirrie Place Tovey Place
the Slade Arms Hagger Way
Blaise General Hospital McNally Park
Club Garrett Hoskyns Alley the Masters Museum Pegrum Place P.D. Muirhead Avenue Railway Station Caffin Library the Dycer Hotel Maud Walk Roadnight Towers Stembridge Crescent Fire Station



[[]] [92,05]

Open Ground Internal Revive Point Revive Point

Basic Info:

  • Office buildings owned by the company often associated with the zombie outbreak. From the outside, they are indistinguishable from other buildings, but characters with the NecroTech Employment skill are able to recognise them.
  • Among the internal descriptions found in NecroTech Buildings:
    The NecroTech logo is set in the wall behind the front desk, and doors open onto powered-down computer rooms and laboratories."
  • If a generator is running inside the building:
    "The NecroTech logo glows gently above the front desk, and doors open onto a number of brightly-lit laboratories and computer rooms."
  • NecroTech offices are tall enough for survivors to commit suicide from. They also provide a vantage point from which binoculars can be used.
  • Necrotech Buildings can be barricaded normally.

Note: As the intent of the Free Running Network is to allow easy access to and reinforcement of Tactical Resource Points (Malls, Police Stations, Hospitals, NecroTech Buildings, Auto Repairs, and Factories), no TRP should ever be designated anything lower than OFRN.

EFRN- Essential to the Free Running Network. Building required to maintain the Free Running Network. Should be kept full of people and probably EHB (unless designated as a newbie TRP or Entry Point, in which case it should be kept occupied constantly), or at least checked frequently.
OFRN- Optional to the Free Running Network. Building which can optionally be included in the Free Running Network, but which are lower-priority than EFRN. Ideal candidates for newbie TRPs or Entry Points.
UFRN- Unessential to the Free Running Network. Building which is not part of the Free Running Network. Cannot include any building that is considered a TRP. Perfect Entry Point candidates.
Revive Point- What it says. These areas are commonly accepted Revive Points, but have the same basic application to the Network as Open Ground.
Internal Revive Point- Doesn't really apply for this map in particular. To be used for Rot Revive Clinics or RESCUE Churches. Should not be considered reliable parts of a Free Running Network, as they are often ruined and ransacked. As such, however, they are almost always applicable as entry points.
Open Ground- As it says. Empty blocks which cannot be used in a Free Running Network.

This whole plan may be updated into something better-looking when I manage to get my mind around basic Wiki HTML.


Dulston Barricade Plan
90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99

Unenterable Buildings
Extremely Heavily Barricaded Phone Mast
Enterable Buildings
Auto Shop Fire Station
Hospital NecroTech
Police Department School
Other VSB Buildings Unbarricaded Buildings
Other Locations
Street Monument
Cemetery Revivification Point
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