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In order from oldest to youngest:


Full Name: Boris Lero Vasili Telenkov.
Arrived in Malton: 11:56 PM, December 4, 2007. (logged as 4:13- recon flight launched)
Age: 39. Born May 6th, 1969, Votkinsk, Russia.
Pre-Outbreak Occupation: Policeman, Votkinsk, Russia.
Current Location: Variable, primarily Pitneybank.
Cliffnotes: Tends towards heavy, militaristic clothing. Leniently Islamic. Likes hanging out in malls. Voracious reader. Upright cop; loathes PKers. Has 20/16 vision.

Boris was born in the industrial town of Votkinsk during the height of the Cold War, two months before the Americans landed on the moon. Brought up by his family, particularly his father (also a policeman) Boris had a love of law from an extremely young age, which morphed into a long-stretching career in the local police.

Maintaining a reputation as an iron-hard enforcer of the rules and law among his department, despite a love of juvenile and black humor, Boris rose quickly through the ranks and earned the admiration of several superiors- as well as making several vicious enemies along the way. In late 2007 this came to a head when a shadowing operation on a local Mafia sub-contact went horribly awry, resulting in several deaths. Boris' reputation and legacy kept him on the force, but a final form of "punishment" was finally decided upon for the botched job in mid-November. The Russian government needed a new representative for their yearly update on the "Malton Situation," and the combined testimony of Boris' enemies resulted in the Russian being shipped off to the English countryside.

While flying with a recon team running routine checks on the situation of the buildings in Malton, collateral damage caused by a lightning strike brought down the light spotter plane into the suburb of Shearbank, straight through the roof of Lessey Lane Police Department. And so adding yet another member to the growing chaos of the city.


Full Name: Rako Temoya Mininev.
Arrived in Malton: 10:38 PM, December 4, 2007.
Age: 35. Born October 2nd, 1972, San Francisco, United States.
Pre-Outbreak Occupation: NecroTech's Project Crucifix, outside Bogra, Bangladesh.
Current Affilation: On license for InGen Technologies.
Cliffnotes: Follower of the gospel of St. Jude. Ecumenical, meticulous scientist; tends to do his utmost to maintain a clean uniform rather than display battle scars. Farsighted; alternates between prescription safety goggles and wire-framed glasses.

Rako is a third-generation Japanese-American, with a long family history of scientific ability. His grandfather was an early engineer with Mitsubishi, and his father worked on the Atomic Energy Commission. Rako himself grew up in the hills outside of San Francisco, though in grade school he could best have been described as average, though hardly mediocre. It was in his last two years of high school that he took off, blazing into college and surprising everyone when he emerged fourth in his class from the University of California.

Taking an interest in genetics, Rako soon found himself approached by a research corporation called Greenton Industries, and took several contract jobs in a laboratory in South America. By the time the contracts expired, Rako had a decent sum of money, though not quite enough to start up his own business near home- which may be why he decided to ask around for more contractual work. And, luck would have it, he gained the attention of a company known as NecroTech.

For three years- November 2004 to November 2007- Rako was employed on a black-class project in Bangladesh known only as Crucifix, something he's still not able to speak expansively about for reasons no-one, including himself, can explain. At the end of Crucifix, NecroTech began redistributing its personnel to other operations. And as luck would have it, Rako drew Project Armageddon.

He didn't get far. On his first day, Rako's superior was giving him a tour of the quarantine wall when a soldier on top turned near them, killing the man. Rako forced the zombie back inside of the city, but fell over the wall in the process, effectively becoming another of the lost souls of Malton.


Full Name: Colin Gregory Anderson.
Arrived in Malton: 11:04 PM, December 4, 2007.
Age: 29. Born April 15, 1979, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England, UK.
Pre-Outbreak Occupation: Private, British Royal Engineers.
Current Affilation: Electric Light Torchestra.
Cliffnotes: Has 20/20 vision. Prefers heavy metal and drum-style music. Untidy. Protestant Christian. Constructive personality- enjoys playing/composing music, coordinating events, and repairing things.

Raised in the green hills of the countryside around Sandridge, Colin was born into a longstanding army family- his mother worked with the SAS as a clerk and later a coordinator, while his father fought in Korea in one of the few British regiments to join that bloody conflict. Colin himself, though, proved somewhat opposed to the destructive lifestyle of the Army, preferring construction and electronics as his forte.

Nonetheless, urged on by his father he joined up with the Army after getting out of the University of London with a degree in Electrical Engineering, joining the Royal Engineers and going on several missions of work in Iraq before the British pulled his regiment out. Shortly afterwards his group (34th Squadron, 25th Regiment, 12th Engineer Brigade) was assigned to a force of SAS on a mission into the "dead zone"- a flight into Malton in order to establish a perimeter and recover an unidentified object.

The flight went inestimably foul- a massive thunderstorm passing over the area brought down both VTOL craft when the engines were hit by lightning, leaving Colin the only survivor- a new addition to the chaos of the Northeast Corner. Lost and terrified, with barely any combat experience, the young soldier wandered north into Dulston- and encountered a force of survivors who would change his life forever.

Though he may be untidy and somewhat rebellious, Colin has retained enough of his army training to gain something of an edge in his fight for survival. Except for a cherry-red sash (worn only on formal occasions, which in today's Malton are few), his entire outfit of clothing is black and gray, allowing him to blend in perfectly with the ruined urban environment. In addition, he has quickly gained a knack for River Tactics- running around zones of heavy zombie concentration, sleeping in groups, and carrying his own power.

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