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Born Evil
Starting Occupation: Psychotic killer
Group Membership:  ??
Goals: To kill as many people as possible, after distracting them with smartass comments
Username: Born Evil
More details: Urban Dead profile

The Beginning

Given the name Hiroshi Arizono at birth, the man now known as Born Evil was raised in Japan by his grandfather, Masao Arizono, after his father died. Hiroshi's mother, a lively, fun loving Scotswoman, had left Japan when Hiroshi was five years old, taking his twin brother with her, but leaving his newborn sister, Kumiko, behind.

Masao Arizono was a stern man, enmeshed in the old ways. Born into an old samurai family, Masao remained bitter his entire life that his entry into this world had been delayed until after the downfall of Japan's feudal period. Compensating for his ill fortune, Masao sought out sensei of differents schools of bujutsu to teach him the old ways of combat. Passing this knowledge on to his grandchildren, Masao raised the young ones to be warriors, and instilled in them a strong sense of honor.

Prelude to a fall

After Masao's death, Hiroshi, age 30, and Kumiko, 25, left their old lives in Japan with the intention of finding their long absent mother in Scotland. During a stopover in Malton, Hiroshi and Kumiko became trapped in the city as the dead began to rise to attack the living. The horror they witnessed as animated corpses devoured the population drove both of them to the edge of madness. Hiroshi became paranoid and overly aggressive, while Kumiko stopped speaking altogether. One fateful day, as they hid in an abandoned warehouse, another survivor approached Hiroshi and attacked him, screaming something about shame. Hiroshi decapitated the lunatic with a fire axe, then realized that this was the first time he'd taken a man's life. He began to slaughter the other poor souls sharing his refuge, sparing only those who appeared to be unable to fight back. Some small part of his grandfather's code of honor kept him from harming anyone who appeared weak and helpless, but all others were killed. During the carnage, Hiroshi noticed Kumiko standing beside him with a bloody knife in her hand, and he realized that his baby sister had joined him in the dance of death.

As the siblings left the warehouse, one of the people they spared screamed at them "Were you two born to be evil, twisted psychos!? All that man did was call you "Seamus"....

The Victims

To date, Born Evil has committed 94 Acts of Evil:

1) Konfear
2) Gunner1256
3) Chronos616
4) flashleg8
5) jeremyh07
6) Sgt Miguel
7) Myllama223
8) Jerome J Garcia
9) Ninja Farang(Hiroshi hates ninja)
10) Jenny Flangkral
11) KuraOkami
12) eatall
13) doofig
14) dante216
15) LowLifeEcfu
16) Dr Ninja PHD(Hiroshi really hates ninja)
17) Sir Hiiis
18) rashnir
19) SonySucks
21) Moogmg
22) Steve Harvey
23) Lord Belthazar
24) Sirzaris
25) bigbottlerocket(that's what you get for sleeping in the street)
26) AnZI
27) Baetraylacus
28) servant of the hand
29) Tenbones
30) Kelnos(guy was just plain rude)
31) Private Ninja(Hiroshi really, REALLY hates ninja)
32) Fizbit(case of mistaken identity - sorry!)
33) feetwizzy
34) Harrikins
35) Werner Heiszenberg
36) homuncubish
37) PVT Bob007(another rude person)
38) ktdio12
39) Gypsum Washrider
40) barry burton00
41) Herr Kunz
42) Kripcat
43) anubis9
44) Frederick Engels
45) Jimmy Slitter
46) Fanny Crabapple (killed twice, for being a zerg spy)
47) weetwood
48) Harald von Holzapfel(killed twice for being a jackass)
49) Sergei Vodic
50) Mamnon (the 50th victim! Feel the love, baby!)
51) Sir Huley Crabapple
52) wackjack
53) Babyface Bottler
54) Sir Basil Crabapple(also killed twice for being a zerg spy)
55) jubilation525252525
56) photovikg
57) Johnny Rimfire
58) Vainglory
59) Al Stimson(collected a bounty on me, so I returned the favor)
60) Captain Gunney
61) Toupee Tony
62) Lord Malus Sargentii
63) lootingfun
64) emilio libertinaje
65) jesusowns
66) Creeping Crud
67) Billy T Zombie
68) Reciful Gnagflow
69) Ray San Salvador
70) Picard128
71) Jeffminator
72) Ian Turner
73) Gift
74) Borg0001
75) ledmushroom
76) IAmRisen
77) TotallyAnnoying
78) Ed Ukater
79) Sable the Hedgehog
80) The Envoy
81) Mama Dukes
82) mrcatbert
83) derrickman
84) xxiv online
85) KaminoBob(my first real-time combat kill! Thanks for the memories!)
86) No4131
87) Alvah Goldbrook
88) a random mall cop
89) imaginihs (zerger, killed twice. 'Nuff said)
90) Jacob Ariman

Respected Enemies

Certain people and organizations have earned the respect of Hiroshi by being worthy adversaries:
Department of Emergency Management
Malton Marshals
The Badmen

Despised Enemies

On the other hand, some people and organizations have filled Hiroshi with complete and utter contempt:

The Crabapple Estate (filthy zergers)

Jimmy Slitter
Fanny Crabapple
Harald von Holzapfel
Sir Huley Crabapple
Babyface Bottler
Sir Basil Crabapple
Toupee Tony
Lord Malus Sargentii

Creedy Defense Force

Out of Character

Quite often, people tend to ask me is "Why did you kill me? I didn't do anything to you!". Here's the answer - to me, PKing is simply another facet of gameplay. In any global disaster, there will invariably be people that go insane and prey upon their fellow man, caring little for the "common good". I just like to play that way. It's fun to be the bad guy, whch anyone who has ever played "Grand Theft Auto" can attest to.

If I've killed you, there's a 98% chance that I will never touch you again. I detest griefing, and go to great lengths to avoid taking part in such a vile activity. Of course, if you look at the above list of my kills to date, you'll notice that I have, on occassion, done exactly the opposite of what I claim.

There are a couple of reasons for that. First, I hate zergers. If I find a zerger, I'll kill them. I'll kill them as often as I run into them. I'll also do my best to convince other folks to kill them. Second, believe it or not, I'm a huge proponent of fair play. If I kill you, and after you get revived you find me and take revenge, I'm cool with that. Eye for an eye and all that jazz. What I'm not cool with, however, are idiots that think just because I've killed them once, they get a free reign to kill me over and over. Goes back to that whole "I detest griefing" thing. Essentially, this is a warning - kill me more than once, and you get added to my own personal Kill On Sight list, and will be treated like the filthy zergers.

I should probably mention, though, that bounty hunters are exempt from that sanction. They have a job to do, and I don't hold that against them.

Also, anyone who has ever healed or revived me has earned a permanent spot on my Do Not Kill list, and is safe from hostilities. Unless, of course, you decide to start killing me.

Killer.jpg Player Killer
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
This user or group supports the Honor Among Thieves Policy & finds that PKing is more fun when only innocents suffer.
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