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Neutral Point of View

NPOV on the UD Wiki

Neutral Point of View (or NPOV) has long been a tricky and drama laden issue on the Urban Dead Wiki. It is a difficult concept to explain in the context of a games wiki, where so much of the information provided is, by it's very nature, from the point of view (POV) of a player, group or class of player. Unlike the wikipedia's NPOV policy, we need to be a lot more flexible about what we allow here, so that players and groups can tell things from their POV where appropriate, but still maintain a standard of neutrality on pages where an impartial view is necessary to ensure that misleading, or one sided information isn't given undue credibility.

The neutral point of view

"The neutral point of view is a means of dealing with conflicting verifiable perspectives on a topic as evidenced by reliable sources. The policy requires that where multiple or conflicting perspectives exist within a topic each should be presented fairly." Wikipedia

Why do we need an NPOV policy at all?

While having fun is why everyone plays UD, and contributes here, one of this wiki's main purposes is to provide reliable information on the game mechanics, and on the "state of play" in game. Casual visitors should not have to weigh up the credibility of multiple POV entries to community resource pages (such as suburbs or location blocks), or have to read taunts from their opposition when viewing danger reports.

User Pages

Entries on user pages may be written in a purely POV style.

While it may be annoying for other players to have lies and abuse aimed at them remain on other people's user pages, the ownership rights of user pages is very clear on this wiki. Disputes should be discussed on the users talk page, and significant disagreements with the content of the user page can be negotiated in the arbitration area of the wiki.

Group Pages

Entries on group pages may be written in a purely POV style.

One exception to this is that a single plain text paragraph, NPOV section may be added above the first header. Such sections must be worded in an extremely NPOV way, simply stating verifiable facts that are necessary to counter any perceived misinformation in the main article.

Again, ownership rights of group pages are very clear on this wiki, disputes should be discussed on the talk or arbitration pages.

Glossary Entries and Technical Information Pages

(eg. Glossary, equipment or player information pages.)
Should be written in NPOV, as purely descriptive entries.

Tactical Pages

(eg. Guides, policy or tactical pages)
Should maintain a NPOV style of language (not to denigrate opposition players, groups or classes), while still being written from the POV of those who would be likely to use the tactic.

Location Pages

Should remain NPOV. Some leeway has always been given to these pages, however if disputes start and can't be worked out amicably, they should be resolved by converting to a true NPOV state.

Danger Reports

NPOV description of the situation.

Suburb Pages


NPOV, denigrating users or groups should be kept off the suburb description, and groups should only be mentioned in this section if they have made a large impact, over a long period of time, to the reputation of the suburb as a whole.

News sections

NPOV. Some leeway has always been given to this section (mainly due to the huge amount of work it takes to maintain true NPOV), however if disputes start, they should be resolved by converting to a true NPOV state.

Barricade Policy sections

The barricade policy sections currently included in Suburb pages should be removed to their own individual pages (eg. Santlerville Barricade Plan) with a link left somewhere on the suburb page, describing it as "survivor barricade plan".

This is necessary because, Barricade plans are purely from survivor point of view, while the suburb pages are supposed to be for information for the whole community, zombies included. Barricade plan pages should be written in survivor POV terms (as per Tactical Pages).

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