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I'm the voice of Zmobbie-Command, I appear to be the leader, but lets be honest would they listen if I’d say anything else but get there and kill them?

Brainzombie the zombie Brama, her "braineater diaries"

Eastonwood Ferals rule! (Eastonwood at least :P)

!zanbah Barhah.png Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah
This user or group is part of the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah.

Brainzombie head of communications in the Revolutionary Council. Her very demanding task is to announce to everyone what the council has decided. This prominent function of hers should never be mistaken for leadership as she states herself: If it only were so simple!

If you wish to speak with the council directly, here is the frequency to use:
DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This User or Group supports the Scorched Earth Policy & acknowledges that all revive points must be razed and their inhabitants killed.
CryingZombie.jpg Zombie Sympathizer
This user or group doesn't think that zombies should be shot just because they are different from us.


Brainzombie Huggles The Big Bash.png

Brainy was there
Tombstone.jpg Third Siege of Caiger Mall
This user helped take down Caiger Mall!

And says for herself

Nocaiger.png Remember, Remember the 10th of November
This user or group commemorates the idiots who gave a free meal to the undead in Chudleyton / Darvall Heights by gathering in Caiger Mall to be eaten. On the 10th of November, the zombies choked the heart of Malton by ransacking Caiger Mall / BARHAH Mall.
Death to the humans, and with it, humiliation!
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