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Brickpile Jones
Joined: 24 Feb 2006 (GMT)
Character class: Soldier
Favorite equipment: Shotgun
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: GibPro and MalTel
Character stats: Survivor Skills
  • Basic Firearms Training
    • Pistol Training
      • Advanced Pistol Training
    • Shotgun Training
      • Advanced Shotgun Training
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
    • Knife Combat
    • Axe Proficiency
  • Free Running
  • NecroTech Employment
    • Lab Experience
      • NecroNet Access
  • First Aid
    • Surgery
  • Diagnosis
  • Shopping
    • Bargain Hunting
  • Body Building
  • Tagging
  • Construction
  • Headshot

Zombie Skills

  • Scent Fear
    • Scent Blood
    • Scent Trail
    • Scent Death
  • Digestion
    • Infectious Bite
  • Vigour Mortis
    • Neck Lurch
    • Death Grip
    • Rend Flesh
    • Tangeling Grasp
  • Memories of Life
    • Death Rattle
    • Flailing Gesture
  • Lurching Gait
    • Ankle Grab
Journal: for Brickpile Jones

A technician for Malton telephone, currently on operating in Gibsonton, building a defensive group for the suburb. Keeps hair frazzled, clothes messy, but teeth surpisingly clean. He's odd, but he does good work.

Maltel.gif Malton Telephone
This user is a MalTel Employee.
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