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War on Zeds

Dakerstown Jensentown Quarlesbank West Boundwood East Boundwood Lamport Hills Chancelwood Earletown Rhodenbank Dulston
Roywood Judgewood Gatcombeton Shuttlebank Yagoton Millen Hills Raines Hills Pashenton Rolt Heights Pescodside
Peddlesden Village Chudleyton Darvall Heights Eastonwood Brooke Hills Shearbank Huntley Heights Santlerville Gibsonton Dunningwood
Dunell Hills West Becktown East
Richmond Hills Ketchelbank Roachtown Randallbank Heytown Spracklingbank Paynterton
Owsleybank Molebank Lukinswood Havercroft Barrville Ridleybank Pimbank Peppardville Pitneybank Starlingtown
Grigg Heights Reganbank Lerwill Heights Shore Hills Galbraith Hills Stanbury Village Roftwood Edgecombe Pegton Dentonside
Crooketon Mornington North Blythville Brooksville Mockridge Heights Shackleville Tollyton Crowbank Vinetown Houldenbank
Nixbank Wykewood South Blythville Greentown Tapton Kempsterbank Wray Heights Gulsonside Osmondville Penny Heights
Foulkes Village Ruddlebank Lockettside Dartside Kinch Heights West Grayside East Grayside Scarletwood Pennville Fryerbank
New Arkham Old Arkham Spicer Hills Williamsville Buttonville Wyke Hills Hollomstown Danversbank Whittenside Miltown


This page is designed to give an analysis on the zed war, and the sudden shifts in power.

===4-17-08 It appears that we are screwed.-- Quizzical  Quiz  Speak  01:01, 18 April 2008 (BST)


Okay, the north-west vacuum looks like it's growing south, instead of out. The south is wiped, save for Buttonville, which looks like it's recovering. little green and yellow up north, but the zeds keep sloshing around. It's annoying!


The north-west grey blotch it getting larger, while the north-east seems to be getting greener. My bet is that the south gets mostly swallowed, and the northern red parts stay red or dark orange.


East Malton is slowly getting crushed, while the north west is becoming a vacuum. A shaft of hope breaks through to Kechelbank, it seems. I suggest quickly recolonizing the north west while the zeds are busy breaking down the east. Toolkits are recommended.


It seems that the survivors are starting to break through the red, into east Malton. However, the zeds are kinda crushing the formerly green suburbs in the south. The survivors are kind of lightly taking over the east, and the zeds keep a decent shot at reclaiming them. Still, it's good to see my hometown of Pescoside alive again, even if it's just orange. It's better than red. The zeds are surprisingly effective at organization, and this recent update was just what they needed to reclaim Malton. This may turn out to be a nomadic year.-- Quizzical  Quiz  Speak  23:35, 3 March 2008 (UTC)

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