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“To admit defeat is to blaspheme against the Emperor.”

Lady-Inquisitor Max

Name: Elijah Bronzeworth

Identification: Brother Elijah

Rank: Commissar Cadet

Group: Imperium


Elijah Bronzeworth was born the son of a wealthy aristocratic family on Turlionoson, a planet on the edges of Imperial Space. His earliest years were filled with the luxury and comfort of a Baronial family in a rich feudal kingdom. When he reached teenage years he experienced a huge growth spurt, rendering him a giant among his peers. Unfortunately Elijah also experienced a bad attitude adjustment. The pampered young Baron-to-be rebelled and joined a gang, running narcotics and shaking down shopkeepers in the poorer districts of the kingdom. The gang was tough but was rarely busted by the constables because the gang was made up of rich aristocrats.

This way of life was lost forever when an Ork invasion devastated the planet. The kingdoms and civilizations of Turlionoson, whose best soldiers were armored knights with lances and swords, and most advanced weaponry were longbows and catapults, were destroyed without any mercy by the Ork hordes with their guns and war machines.

What few survivors there were survived by retreating into the mountains. Among those were Elijah Bronzeworth and the remains of his gang. Life was terribly harsh in the mountains. The winters were brutally cold and many died from the cold and snow. Food was scarce as well. And that was not even to mention the terrible danger the orks represented. The humans became very adept at hiding their presence from the orks.

Ten years after the orks took the planet the forces of the Imperium arrived to take it back. Adeptus Astartes of the Sunsword Chapter spearheaded an assault against the orks, leading six regiments of Imperial Guard. The fighting was fierce but the Imperial forces prevailed.

By the time the orks were driven back Elijah had assumed a leadership role among the survivors in the mountains. He had matured, first leading his gang and finally the rest of the humans in their daily fight for survival. He made warriors out of all the able-bodied people, and ran the camp with great efficiency. Even more, during this time Elijah became very devoted to the church, learning everything he could about the Divine Emperor and his religion. In turn Elijah inspired the people with sermons and sayings, leading by example and seeing to the spiritual health of his people.

When peace returned to the world the Imperium located the survivors. After much investigation into the situation, the Commissars decided that Elijah would make a perfect candidate for Commissarial Schooling. Elijah, having nothing left to fight for and no family left, jumped at the chance to serve his Emperor.

Having completed the schooling he needed, Commissar Cadet Elijah was dispatched to Hive Malton to be trained by the Commissars there and learn the tactics of the Imperial Guard. After a short time of planning he has been promoted to Commissar Major, second in command of the Commissariat in the Hive.

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