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FranciscanFriar-q.jpg Brother Juniper (Luke Dillinger)

Born June 21 1978 – The founder and minister general of the least order of St. Francis

Early Life

Bother Juniper was born to an upper middle class family that owned their own tile and bathroom fixture business in West Boundwood. This afforded him a slack life of luxury and ease. Being the only child his parents lavished him with worldly goods. His days spent on wine, women and rock and roll. This surely would have been the end of him if not for the end of the world.

Religious Conversion

Luke spoiled and soft and only concerned with what the world had to offer him, he survived the firs wave of the infestation by hiding in his attic. He lived on kipper snacks and beer. When he ran out of food he took to the streets. After only one night he was attacked and bitten by a zombie. Infected hungry and weak he made his way in to the ruined St. Francis Church. To weak to even close the doors, he hid him self under a pew and awaited his certain fate.

While sleeping he had a vision of St Francis. He came to him adorned in light and his glorious stigmata. St. Francis said to him Go and be healed. And Do as I have done. Upon waking he found next to him a small leather bound bible that smelt of mahogany and a work copy of the Little Flowers of St Francis. This would be his map and the lamp to light his way. From that day on he never referred to him self as Luke again only Brother Juniper.

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