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Bio for Citizen #533027:

Name in game: Bubacxo. (Curious? find out what it means here.)

Preferred Form:
Arnold J Rimmer described being dead as "like being on holiday with a bunch of Germans." (No offense to present company.)
That was dead... I would assume Zombie would take that to another level.

Like having a migraine headache after fencing for the first time in a few months & getting badly beaten in the process. (With Leprosy on top.)

I prefer to live.

Disposition: Nocturnal Weirdo. (I work nights.)

Currently: I is ded. Mrh.

Affiliations: Ghetto Cow (In Loving, Drunken Memory)

Other bits 'bout Bubacxo

800px-Flag of the United States.svg.png American
This user is American.
Boomstick!!! Headshot Hypocrite
This user hates headshot,
but has it himself.
Zcow.jpg Suck the Cow!
In the grim darkness of Malton there is only war. And rats.

If I offended you...


If as a civilian I have any duty, attacking/killing a zombie is it. If I offend you by doing what I'm supposed to then get revived, cry, & kill yourself. Maybe then you'll feel better. Just hope no one urinated in your revive syringe.


Now that I'm in a group & actually going to see some action, I may offend someone of the death-cultist/zombie-spy persuasion. As above, if I offend by doing what I am supposed to, go get stabbed. Just remember, while a zombie, you always sound like your getting a massage (or something better).

On The Wiki:

I don't usually rant about something, but if it strikes the occasional chord, it's probably because the idea is something I find amazingly ineffective in helping the game, possibly increased by the fact that it should be obvious, if you think from both sides of the conflict.

If I did rant, and you think I missed the point, drop me a line, I will respond intellectually, rather than rant further.

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