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I love brains for breakfast!

About BubbaDick

Bubbaz.jpg Except for the spittle drooling from his mouth and ragged clothing, Bubba Dick looks like any other redneck in search of his remote control. Bubba was bitten by his zombie pit bull while sleeping on the day of the breakout, and now he spends his nights searching for brains. The funny thing is, Bubba's wife hasn't noticed the difference yet.

Like most rednecks, Bubba isn't too particular about what he eats, so long as it is meat. He might be found one day munching brains in Caiger mall and the next day munching the arm of one of his fellow zombies. It's all good! Bubba has a hard time understanding why people keep shooting him after he bites them on the neck. Maybe its because he hasn't brushed his teeth in several years.

Bubba doesn't hang with any groups at present, preferring to roam the streets of Malton in search of survivors dumber than he is. You would think that his IQ would improve from eating all those brains but it hasn't happened yet.

Every once in a while, someone sticks Bubba in the neck and he wakes up among the living. It usually isn't long before he joins the undead again because the zombie hordes will soon find him passed out in the street after one too many brewskis.


About BwanaDick

Shack.JPG BubbaDick's brother BwanaDick is a stone cold brain eating fool with brain rot. He hooked up with ShackNews and thoroughly enjoyed eating the residents of Stickling Mall. Occasionally he shambles up to Rotter's Relief to take a human vacation but once he's been laid a few times, his never ending quest for the beautiful green glow of DNF leads him back to munching brainz. Barhah!

It seems the Dick brothers have to eat brainz because, doh, they ain't got none of their own.

Or maybe its because their mother ate scrambled eggs and calf brains, a common meal among hillbilly hicks.