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Like most UDers, I play several characters simultaneously. While Buddhagazelle is my primary survivor, here are the others:

Hesychios the Priest

Fourth-century monk praying at Saint Sixtus's Church in Greentown.

Hesychios the Priest's Page



Former ecoterrorist in the DRRP.

Zombuddha's Page


A zombified gazelle with the Feral Undead.


Ancient Alexandrine librarian carrying the QSG's literacy to Monroeville.

Allen Tate

Southern Agrarian poet revelling in Monroeville's farms and fields.

Senator Obama

An undead presidential candidate bringing change to Monroeville.

Hillary Clinton

Bringing health care to Malton.

Anthony of Egypt

A Christian monk.


The MalTel representative for Huntley Heights.

Maltel.gif Malton Telephone
This user is a MalTel Employee.

buddha gazelle

Defunct in Monroeville.

Buddhagaz's page

User:Buddhagazelle/Subpage User:Buddhagazelle/Museums of Malton

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