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He looked to be a little over forty. Slightly crooked mouth. Smooth-shaven. Dark brown hair. Right eye black, left--for some reason, green. Black eyebrows, but one was higher than the other. In a word--a foreigner. RCDC logo.jpg

Bulgakov is one of the founding members of the Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps, and the main editor of the RCDC wiki for now. Although he speaks English with an indeterminate slavic accent, rolls his own papirosi, and can often be found in libraries, museums, and pubs, any resemblance between him and a character in one of the greatest novels of all time by a superbly gifted Russian writer is entirely accidental. Bulgakov was the author of the wildly popular suggestions Buy My Pal a Drink v2.0 and Microbrewery, and when not out kicking much zombie ass can often be found at the Ablett Arms trying to get the still running.

He can be contacted either here (on the discussion tab, please) or via email at

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