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A lot of People seem to be having problems putting an advertisement up on the Recruitment page, even with instructions on the page itself, so ive taken it upon myself to dumb it down for you.

Welcome to recruitment ads for dummies

to start you need to make a template, as they dont allow you to just post ads any more like in the old days, this is done to make sure the page isn't flooded with poorly made eye-grating advertisements.

first things first, make a new page by typing in your group name/recruit into the address bar. (you should of course have a group page first)


you can then edit that page to be your template.

various tables and smaller templates can be used to make it look however you want, you can get fancy or leave it simple, your choice.

at the bottom you'll have to include a part starting with:


and ending in;


you need to include that so your category and other information can be added without being included in your ad. it should look somthing like this when its done.

example code:

stuff you want in your ad.
stuff you don't want in your ad.

after that you have your template, and you can use it on the wiki recruitment page by posting it like this:

example code:

=== [[your group page name]] : Survivor or Zombie group ===
{{:your group page name/recruit}}

and you still need to add a time stamp after that by putting ~~~~ after your template on the Recruitment page. remember to put it in alphabetical order.

as for styling your ad you can figure that our for yourselves, but using this guide you can at least get your group up there without being tossed off.

this guide made by Bullgod 02:20, 24 February 2008 (UTC)