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The Salt The Metagame policy is a policy which advocates surveilance and disruption of zombie metagame communication channels


To make it harder for them. Most zombies have a very limited means of in-game communication, and thus must rely heavily on metagame media such as forums and IRC channels. A large incursion of survivors onto one of these media can

  • Divulge plans for attack, current locations, etc
  • Create suspicion that a group's plans are known, even if they are not
  • Create internal tension as legitamate members are accused of being "harman spies"
  • Force implementation of improved security measures

Therefore, even if survivors are able to learn nothing about any plans of attack, etc, they can still have a disruptive influence by forcing the zombie group to implement measures to prevent this(i.e. private forums). The key, however is that these methods are inefficient. The more steps a group takes to limit accsess, the more likely it is that coordination will suffer, with members not being able to use private forums, having difficulties registering with Nickservs, or being unable to find secret meeting spots

How to salt the game

A number of methods can be used to cause disruption in zombie communication systems

Just watch

While not necessarily disruptive, this kind of spying can often reveal a good deal of information

Post false/misleading info

The Ridleybank Resistance Front may hold the mall, but will they hold on to it when they here that the combined forces of DEM, The Resistance, and Umbrella Corporation are heading their way?

Make accusations

Accuse others of being spies. This can not only cause severe disruption, but, if widespread enough, can actually provide a good cover through the "crying wolf" phenomenon

Publicize a group

If you find a particularly promising target, post it in the section below plays host to several zombie groups, including the MOB and the RRF. An associated service( also hosts the #mob and #rrf-ud IRC channels

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