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(Too Much) About Me

My userpage! Yay. Now to write everything you didn't want to know about me.

I'm from Scotland! Bonny Scotland. That part of Scotland that might tie in a beauty contest with a pig's arse... Paisley.

I'm 17. I'm a girl, but it doesn't look it. I'm skinny but I've got less shape than a postbox, and I have short hair. I'm either asexual or unintentionally, naturally celibate. (Perhaps the great fruitcake in the sky just doesn't want me to reproduce...) And I'm not religious.

I love chicken curries. I also love pizza, ice cubes, Pepsi, and stir-fried potato cubes. I enjoy cooking, though I'm not terribly good at it...

The t-shirt I'm wearing just now says (in icons): Oil, Bomb, Explosion, Fire, Death - Made in USA. America's awsome, but your leader's an eejit, and everything on my T is his responsibility. (Politics is stupid. I grew out of it when I was 15.)

I identify myself with most forms of cyber and industrial goth culture. My favourite shops in the world are Cyberdog in Camden Markets, London; Fopp; University Cafe in Glasgow's west end; Isis, Osiris and Ureus that were on the Great Western Road in Glasgow (they've vanished though... Osiris I know has moved to city centre, I think Isis was being refurbushed); Hellfire; Waterstones; Forbidden Planet; most art supplies shops; most reputable army surplus shops.

Emo's are daft but often friendly once you get them to stop crying and put the razors away. Neds neet to get themselves a job. As bus tyres or organic road surfaces or something. Everyone else is cool as long as they treat me humanely.

I love most music except for rap, r&b, pop, country, stiff-arse classical, and my dad's guitar. My favourite genres are drum & bass, psy trance, ambient, metal, experimental.

Urban Dead

I PK in busy places for kicks. I also fiercely defend my teammates against other PK'ers and zombies, so you should get on my side if you like your hide to be in one piece.

I used to be a bounty hunter, but I realised that it was really goddamned boring because "you mustn't attack anyone without providing them a link to their PK report and explaining yourself..." "you must report your bounty to the bounty hunter thread or you'll be marked as a PK'er..." "you must only kill people on the PK'ers list, don't use it as an excuse to kill random people..." etc. etc. All rules and regulations, and when angry victims looking for revenge come after you (they proved they're capable of murder simply by getting on the list, duh) and all of their 20 or so alts kill you EVERY TIME THEY SEE YOU it gets pretty tedious. Now why would I limit myself to other people's rules and regulations of "fair play" in a *zombie apocalypse* game?

I've been playing for nearly a year now, but I only have 1 maxed out character, one three-quarters-maxed-out character, and a handful of mid-level alts that need revived. Can't be arsed with the hassle of finding revive points and logging into them regularly, not to mention the drain on the 160 hit IP limit it has, so they're dead and gone. I registered c130 through c13f, so don't be surprised if you see a c13* in a pile of corpses somewhere.

I love Caiger Mall. I don't think many of its survivors like me too much though. My favourite square is the South East corner, so if any bounty hunters want to come get me, you'll probably find me there or in one of the safehouses to the west. Come on, try your luck. Let me add you to my Doomful List of Vengeance!