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CTRA Agent
Joined: November 05, 2010
Character style: Government Agent
Favorite equipment: Gas Mask
Current status: Active
Group: Civil Threat Reduction Agency
Division: Malton Reclamation and Containment Dispatch
Faction Preference: Anti-Zombie, Pro-Survivor
Alignment: Neutral
Allegiance/Alliances: External Military

Member of the External government's Civil Threat Response Agency. Part of an elite hazard team tasked with scouting Malton and retaking the area at any cost.

Current Command Base: Tharratt Library, East Grayside.


South Africa Flag.PNG South African
This user is South African.
World.jpg Malton Wide
This group operates on the whole area of Malton!
TriangleCTRA 51.png CTRA member
This user is a member of the Civil Threat Reduction Agency, which serves the External government outside Malton.
CTRA 23.png Hazmat Dresser
This user has a sense of taste and dresses in hazmat suits when in Malton.
This user wears a gas mask for protection against the bad zombie smell.
CTRA 5.png Government Agent
This user is an running dog lackey/agent of the bloody imperialist government outside Malton. And proud of it.
UwarS.GIF Supporter of Urban Warfare Doctrine
I fight block by block

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CTRA Status Reports

  • Day 67 (11/9/2010): Pegton: "St. Bruno's church has been secured. The building is very heavily barricaded."
    • "Fowles Plaza Police Department is secure. No shortage of armed survivors here. Almost all are civilians, with one mercenary soldier."
    • "Tilly Row Police Department heavily barricaded. No way to enter."
    • Edgecombe: "Junkyard outside Police Department very heavily barricaded. No way to enter."
    • "Pellatt Auto Repair has been very heavily barricaded. No easy way to enter, but they have a working generator."
    • "Bunt Place School heavily barricaded."
    • "Collinns Building strongly barricaded--GREAT place for a holdout."
    • "Vine Grove School strongly barricaded--GREAT place for a safe house."
    • "Lawley Walk Railway Station has been very heavily barricaded. Dartside Survivors recruiting here, or at least were."
    • "Southcott Plaza Fire Station has been heavily barricaded. No signs of life."
    • "Cape Avenue Police Department has been heavily barricaded. Lights are on inside."
    • "Maver Building has been overrun. A few Zeds here."
    • "Stadling Walk Police Department is abandoned. Not sure if I'm in Edgecombe or Pegton."
    • Crowbank: "Commins Bank has been lightly barricaded--several armed survivors inside with working generator."
    • "Clinch Way Police Department has been very heavily barricaded. No easy way to enter, but they have a working generator."
    • "Mydleham Building has been overrun. Three Zeds lurking around inside. Forced to beat a hasty retreat."
    • "Exon Alley Railway Station has been very heavily barricaded. No lights on inside."
    • "Burt Square Police Department has been very heavily barricaded. Smoke is coming out of the building."
    • "Pullinger Auto Repair has been overrun. The place is CRAWLING with Zeds."
    • "Dane Street Police Department has been overrun. One or two Zeds here."
    • "Morrell Bank has been overrun. Three Zeds here."
    • "Elsbury Arms has been heavily barricaded. No easy way to enter."
  • Day 73 (11/15/2010): Hollomstown: Reached the famous Hollomstown today; reported back to CTRA headquarters with results. The only survivors are cowering in extremely heavily barricaded safehouses. A couple of Zeds running around in the debris-choked streets.
    • "Waterlow Street Police Department is extremely heavily barricaded (EHB) with a working generator. Some Two Zeds outside wishing they could claw their way in. Speaking of which, one of them decided to take a poke at me as I took notes on the building's defenses. A few moments later, only one of the Zeds remained. The other, quite sadly, succumbed to multiple bullet wounds and an axe cut in its shoulder three inches deep."
    • East Grayside: "Boode Place Fire Station very heavily barricaded. There are multiple Survivors taking cover inside. No Zeds lurking around."
    • "The Spear Arms have been overtaken by a gang of roaming Zeds. The doors have been forced open. Not recommended as an ideal place to spend the night."
    • "Ellard Walk School has been extremely heavily barricaded. Good place for a safe house, if I could get in...."
    • "Tharratt Library has been strongly barricaded. Great location for new survivors to take cover and quite secure from the hordes on the streets."


Classified list of the CTRA, friends and foes alike.

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