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Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
This User or Group supports the Dual Nature Policy & believes that the citizens of Malton should embrace their two-fold nature.

I am a roleplayer, pure and simple. My characters will do their best to survive in the zombie apocalypse. Exactly what tactics they adopt may very from character to character, but they will always seek to survive. That is, until they fail. When one of my characters is a zombie, they are a zombie. Which means they act like a zombie ought to act. How intelligently I have them act will largely depend on how skilled they are. Those with few (or no) zombie skills will generally head towards the nearest living person they can find and try to kill them. If there are no living people around they will try to break through barricades (and even the low-level zombies will likely prefer lit buildings to unlit ones), but they won't really pay much attention to what type of building it is. I will spend my XP on the skills of whatever state reaches enough XP to buy a skill they want, even if most of that XP was earned in the other state. And when one of my zombies gets revived, far from turning on the one who revives him as punishment for de-zombifying him, he will rejoice in having been rescued from that horrible state, attempt to get the taste of human flesh out of his mouth, and go back to doing whatever he sees best to continue surviving now that he lives once more.

List of characters:

Aidan Cerdaur (Lab Assistant)

Cadrac Myrcon (Cop)

Jackson L Samuels (Consumer)

Maxwell Denton (Private)

Miyazaki Taito (Scout)

Stanley Livingston (Doctor)

(Stat counts on all character subpages start as of the creation of this profile or the creation of the character--whichever happened second.)

I intend for this list to eventually have one character in each of the classes, as I plan on starting characters in every class. I won't be creating a character that starts as a zombie until very last, as, in a zombie apocalypse, zombies begin as normal humans, they don't just mysteriously appear. They all have a past; they all were something else once. And that something was a human who had a normal job of some sort. But there is the possibility that maybe they were so damaged during their transformation into a zombie that even if revived they will have no memory of, or skills from, their days of being human. Or, just maybe, there are zombies somewhere (perhaps in cold storage in a secret facility owned by NecroTech) that never were human to begin with, bio-engineered from human DNA and force-grown to full size as part of their ongoing research that led to the zombie outbreak to begin with, and that facility has now been breached by survivors who have inadvertently unleashed this pure zombie into the city. If this character ever gets revived, I will play it as a completely confused human with no memory of the living world, just fear of the creatures he once was and an intense desire to live.

Take note that despite having six characters (as of the initial creation of this profile, in Aug 2011) none of my characters has ever so much as seen another one of my characters, let alone been used cooperatively. I am playing my characters as truly independent entities, and as such, do not even take into consideration where my other characters may happen to be when I am deciding the actions of the character I am playing. As far as I am concerned, ignoring their existence as another one of my characters is real independent action. Therefore, if, for example, one of my zombie characters happened to run across one of my survivors, it would attack it, just as it would any other survivor. Strangely having it turn aside in order to reach another section of the city strikes me as allowing my actions to be influenced by the fact that they are both my characters and that is what I would consider multi-character abuse and cheating. So, if you have reached my page as part of an investigation into potential zerging or other multi-abuse, please take note, examine my characters true independent history of activity, and move on, secure in the knowledge that I never use the fact that I have multiple characters to attempt to gain any sort of advantage in the game.

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