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Awoke in a factory in Rhodenbank.

Made way to Santlerville's St. Columbanus's Hospital, VSB++ entry point, died outside when unable find a way in through heavy barricades. Joined horde at the Dewes Building.

Wandered to southwest Santlerville, ate some brains. Headed up to St. Colombanus, ate some brains. Went down to Dews, ate some brains. Spent some time shuffling around Greater Ridleybank, and was revified. Scrambled to Dowdney mall to do some looting.

Kills: Humans(10) Zombies(1) Generators (1)

Skill path: Vigour Mortis > Death Grip > Rend Flesh > Tangling Grasp > Lurching Gait > Ankle Grab > Memories of Life > Scent Fear > {Scent Blood}

|Shopping|> Free Running > Bargain Hunting > {Diagnosis}

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