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Captain Cap'n'cupcake
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Joined: Januar 27th, 2007
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Rank: Captain
Character Class: Military
Favorite Equipment: FAK's
Favorite Weapon: Pistola
Backup Weapon: Shotgun
Current Status: ALIVE!!
Location: I wish I knew
Current Level: 41
Kills: 100
Revives: 10
Deaths: Too many
Group: U.B.C.S. Merc-for-hire
Journal: Your looking at it

I'm was a Captain in a paramilitary company. Three monthes after the outbreak, I was on a transport delievering heavy weapons to Fort Creedy, When... we saw them. They look just like us from the air, but not like us. That was when our pilot got distracted and clipped the left prop. It threw me out of the door on to the ground. It was slow motion, the transpot disappearing over the rooftops on fire. Other members of the crew were also there.(They probaly fell as they were trying to get a better look) So were some people, they looked injured, Lewis went to help him, then they grab him. Tony unloaded his whole clip on the... people. Lewis was dead, all the ammo for are rifles, the heavy weapons, and my rifle were still on board the transport. Between me and Lt. Shears(Tony) We had two pistols and four clips. We walked about a block when he saw a sign that said Dartside, and spraypainted next on it "safe house across street" That how I got my start in Malton... Ae4dcb45d86cccd44324a7a08b09f65d.jpg|

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