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Silly Hills is a suburb three continents away from Malton. It contains Penelope Mall and the east half of St Puke's Cathedral.

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Recent News

Any user can report the status of Silly Hills, provided they are not Mac users. News more than one month old can be found in the news archive.

The Suburb of Silly Hills
Blah Blah Drive Why Don't You Walk Fire Station Cinema Of Claymation Cap'n Silly Memorial Hospital Squiddums Lane Duh Street Not A Bank Club Bum the Silly Monument Garage Sale
Douggers, mate! Teachahsux Crescent My House Big City Fatt Library Police Police Department a factory a junkyard Jamie Is Fat Square A Gay Building
the a junkyard wasteland the Squid Building St. Christopher's Church a junkyard Bored Bank Club Willy Greedy Street Grandfield Walk
St. Luke's Cat Night At The Museum Penelope Mall Penelope Mall wasteland Lessey Lane Police Department Bryan Walk Cleall Walk a carpark Hambeln Alley
St. Puke's Cathedral Fatter Crescent Penelope Mall Penelope Mall Holmes Park Densly Park St. John's Stinky School the Pooper Motel Douggers Avenue St. Herman's Church
the MarshMallows Building Good Lord, A Road the DunderHead Building Stop in The Name Of The Law PD Mc Donald's Poofter Way Lazarus General Hospital BenBenBen Belben Lane the Newnam Motel
the Derrington Building Robey Avenue Cap'n Silly Memorial House Chalderwood Way a big sandpit the Strong Arms Krinks Boulevard Denmead Walk School Gay Avenue a factory
Fritz Lane the Hotel The Freaky Peaky Monument Boris Street Police Department Abrahall Auto Repair Male Way The McMahon Hotel Club Pengelly Waddon Crescent wasteland
Upham Auto Repair Manuel Towers the Sartin Monument Sage Avenue the Eford Motel the Nisbet Building St. Athanasius's Church Pledger Alley Bridell Square wasteland
wasteland Some Hospital the Turn Over Building Toys R Us the Rushing Building the Fitkin Hotel Gajewski Avenue a warehouse the Pratt Building Leigh Library

Recent Events

Silly Hills has seen has a large spike in zombie activity espically around Penelope Mall.

For the Mall: Revive points have been set-up at Fatter Crestent, Wasteland and Holmer Park. Entry points are at Night at the Museum and St. Christophers Church.--       00:48, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

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