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The following is contained in a log book in the basement of Ramsden Way Fire Station in Gibsonton. The handwriting varies from barely legible to almost neat.

March ?? 2007

My name is Rocco Klein. Don't ask. I'm fourth generation American and have about as much Italian left in me as the Bronx. The first name is just from a mom with a bad sense of humor. I'm bored. I was with the 82nd Airborne Division, 3rd Brigade. We were in New Orleans mopping up after Hurricane Katrina before we got re-deployed. Some of the first military to arrive in Malton. I guess that's why we all got killed. Crowds of zombies. I guess that's what we should call them. They die, get up and walk again, anyway.

I'm not much of a writer. I've been holed up in the Fire Station since everyone got killed. Somebody saw this coming or had an unhealthy Spam habit - there's tons of it in the basement. Water's a big problem - it hasn't rained for days. The toilets are backed up, too. Other people come and go, they say the suburb is pretty safe. I'm all out of books and magazines, and it isn't worth running the generator just to watch TV. I watched the news and I hear they walled off the city. Great idea. Wish they could have thought of that before sending us in.

April 30, 2007

Spent some time just north of here in Rolt Heights. Neighborhood is a little more active, has enough character that I might call it home.

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