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Catherine Cushing

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atherine Cushing had just graduated from engineering school with a degree in civil engineering when she found herself in Malton.

After working hard for so many years, Catherine had treated herself to a tour of England. Because of the sudden outbreak, she ended up trapped in the city like so many others. Almost immediately she began collecting materials to construct suspension bridges across the streets, as she recognized that this would open avenues of safer and faster travel around town. Additionally, it offered the opportunity to use many of the roofs as garden and poultry breeding areas, secured against all but the evil and the deranged, as zombies cannot climb ladders.

Being from Oregon, where most people are hard-working and self-reliant, Catherine managed to trap some rabbits, whose babies were tame and lived in hutches on the various roofs in the network. Early on, she kept an eye out for ducks and anything that could be used in a soup pot, such as guinea pigs, cavies, etc. The ducks laid eggs and the cavies bred prolifically. She also took cuttings from a great variety of plants, dug bulbs of wild onions and pocketed any herb or vegetable seeds she found knocked onto the floors of shops. People were looking for tinned food; they weren't thinking about how they were going to be eating in the months ahead. The months turned to years...

Catherine has used her ingenuity and her training to devise methods of constructing zip lines and simple suspension bridges out of discarded bits of this broken city.


Cat is working hard to figure out the best ways of helping her friends by designing all manner of helpful systems and niches for growing everything from morel mushrooms to barley. When not busy rigging up new gear, she works for a dedicated revival organization in Penny Heights, REVIVAL. The quickest revives may be had at Bulmer Street [92,83] or in the northern suburb, Penny Heights, indoor/outdoor RP junkyard 98,76.

Catherine Cushing (talk)

Quick escape on ziplines.jpg
Newbie's first flight. Ziplines offer quick escape.
Newbie's first flight. Ziplines offer quick escape.
Flats above shops in Malton
Flats above shops in Malton

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Somewhere in Malton
Somewhere in Malton

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Malton was so beautiful
Malton was so beautiful

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