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Constance Claremont #2309136

Constance Claremont

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Constance Claremont had just enlisted in the army in order to pay her way through nursing school. Due to the sudden outbreak, she was selected as part of the medical team sent in to back up the military squad exploring Malton. Her companions in this recon mission were unfortunately torn to pieces almost immediately. Constance was faster than the others.

Constance hid until dawn, then skulked out and plundered all the supplies she could find from the various pieces of her companions strewn about. One had turned - into what exactly? It was squatting in the street like a savage, tearing at the frantically clawing arm of another team member. The two most shocking sights of her life, served up at the same time. No matter; she took her 10-inch Bowie knife (a good luck gift from a dear friend; handmade by Reg Cooper of Sheffield, England) and sank it effortlessly into the top of his skull. (Looking back on this first zed kill, Constance reflected that the great thing about being a nurse was that one always knew exactly where to hit a target in order to drop it immediately and with the least fuss.) She collected a good supply of rations and weaponry which enabled her to survive the next couple of weeks' aimless wanderings.

Some people think Constance is a bit foolhardy, though she can't think why. She prefers waiting to shoot until she can see the blacks of their eyes...


Constance is an ally of the East Becktown Defenders. When not fighting off a massive zombie horde invasion (as they are now, 21 May, 2019) quick revives may be had at Davies Avenue [24,35].

When she isn't out struggling to improve things in the city, she can be found in the Powe Arms, the headquarters of the East Becktown Defenders wishing she had a Peroni Nastro Azzurro beer or three. But ironically, there is still the fall-back brew (smuggled in regularly) the appropriately named Doom Bar ale from Cornwall.

Constance Claremont (talk)

The Powe Arms by night.jpg
Constance's little friend
Constance's little friend
The Powe Arms is the headquarters of the East Becktown Defenders (EBD)
The Powe Arms is the headquarters of the East Becktown Defenders (EBD)

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