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Freddie Booker #2316793

Freddie Booker

Freddie Booker
Freddie Booker


Freddie Booker was a police officer in Askrigg, North Yorkshire, England, before The Outbreak. He'd selected the wrong day to run errands in Malton. Experiencing the vast ruinage about the city first-hand, he quickly decided to specialize in building restoration. He doubted it had been this bad during the Black Death when the place had been a patchwork of burning plague pits. At least the sick had shelter then.

As a small town constable, PC Booker was frequently involved in directing tourists to various buildings related to the 1970's telly series, All Creatures Great and Small, which was principally shot in Askrigg. Malton represented a complete change from his duties in the sleepy little village. He thought he'd seen some horrible things during his time in Afghanistan, but none of that could compare to the things he'd witnessed in Malton.

Once, barricaded safe up on the third floor of a building, he'd been easing into... Soon he realized the [anecdote to be added here as time allows]... It was one of the few times he'd... Recovering his....


Alfred Booker works for the City of Malton Building Restoration Corps. Every day, he struggles to repair ruins in Wyke Hills and occasionally eastern Buttonville. He is a key member of the construction crew headquartered at the Clive Building [59,92] adjacent to Ephrem General Hospital [58,93] in Wyke Hills, which is located at Malton's south-central border. Freddie puts the building skills he learned as a lad in Yorkshire to good use every day. It's commonplace for the crew to have to fight off PKers invading the site looking for supplies to steal.

Freddie has become a crack shot who heals and revives the wounded. When not repairing buildings, he searches for deranged cultists to run out of the neighborhood. Clogging the revive points and hampering citizen revivals is not tolerated in the South. The quickest revives may be had directly beside the southern border wall, in cemetery [51,99] next to the southeast block of Buckley Mall [50,99].

Freddie Booker (talk)

Freddie in the old days
Freddie in the old days
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Framing hammer, Malton-style

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