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Harold Butterbee #1661163

Harold Butterbee

Harold, 19 and off to Afghanistan
Harold, 19 and off to Afghanistan


Harold Butterbee was a decorated fire fighter in New York City. At the onset of the Malton Incident he happened to be on holiday visiting England. He volunteered to help in Malton. Harold had experience as a medic. Naturally stoical, his courage has stood him in good stead in the city.

(Will relate another anecdote as soon as time allows.)

Harold has often been told he looks like the actor Denis Leary, but doesn't see any resemblance himself.


A hard-working member of the Malton Medical Staff, his experience in Afghanistan fifteen years ago has been a real asset to the team. In Roftwood, Harold helps out any way he can - foraging runs, recon, patrolling the neighborhood, whatever it takes to assist the citizens. Except during zombie horde invasions (happening late May 2019) quick revives may be had at Swansborough Park [68, 53]. When not risking life and limb, Harold stands guard at St. Ethelbert's Hospital [66, 50].

Harold Butterbee (talk)

Autumn, St. Ethelbert's, Roftwood
Autumn, St. Ethelbert's, Roftwood

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