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Lizzie Donner #2308987

Lizzie Donner

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Lizzie Donner had no idea what she was doing wherever she was. She remembered a great club they'd been dancing at; there'd been tabs and snorts and they were flying down the motorway to... where was it? Malton. Some town called Malton. All she remembered was being in the back of the car and everyone was laughing. She felt like she'd been flying...

When morning came she woke groaning alone on the bare wooden floor of some ruined house. Her clothes (what was left of them) were torn, disgusting with... what? Sick? Had she been sick on herself? Had someone else sicked up on her? Where was she? Had they stopped at a crack-house to get more drugs? She couldn't remember... Her head hurt so much. Suddenly nauseated, she retched over the filthy boards, but nothing came up. She figured the sick down her was her own, so that was a bit of a relief... Staggering around, her head spinning, she recalled snatches of the night. They'd been having so much fun. Until they weren't.

Something had happened...had there been an accident? Had the car thumped over a deer or something in the road? Nothing was clear in her mind... she remembered everyone was yelling... she was scooped up and flung over a big bloke's shoulder and he was running, they were all running, running...a girl had been screaming...was that her? Had she been screaming? Everything was muddled in her mind; nothing made sense. Then they were indoors and pounding up the stairs. They'd left her and another girl on the floor in the empty house. Where had the other girl gone? Had she followed the guys back down? Lizzie had passed out and could remember no more.

Strange things still flash into her mind - are they bits of memory or just nightmares? In Malton, her new home for the present and foreseeable future, they could be either.


Lizzie is grateful and happy to be a member of the Knights Templar in Kempsterbank. The Templars are one of the most selfless groups in Malton, courageously helping the helpless. (She had assured them that she was not one of those Donners. She was desperate to be accepted into the protection of the group.) The Whitenoll Building is the headquarters of the Templars. It is a magnificent old building as well as the tallest structure in Kempsterbank. It serves as a beacon of hope to the entire community and Lizzie is proud to defend it.

For the speediest possible revives, go to Ebbutt Road [57,76] in Kempsterbank. This revive point (RP) is constantly patrolled by the Templars. If you need help, have a question or would like to join the fight, contact the Knights Templar here:

Lizzie Donner (talk)

Whitenoll Building, Knights Templar HQ.JPG
Galahad, found as a kitten and given sanctuary
Galahad, found as a kitten and given sanctuary

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