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Margaret Crane #2309040

Margaret Crane

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Margaret Crane was a nurse in the army. At the onset of the Outbreak she was sent in to assist in the set-up of triage centers. Her companions deployed on the mission were quickly over-powered and eaten alive. Margaret, being faster, escaped without any injury. Naturally high-strung, her innate observation skills (and her paranoia) have stood her in good stead in Malton.

Caffeine is Margaret's drug of choice. It keeps her alert while out on her supply-scrounging missions.

She no longer chews her nails as it makes too much noise and therefore attracts the shambling dead.


Margaret is a member of the Mad Craskers in Heytown. They all work hard to help the citizens of the suburb. Quick revives may be had at Mester Square [77,35] in Heytown. Or contact the Mad Craskers for assistance: The Mad Craskers Forum. Staff at this building commonly revive the undead at cemetery [80,34] at the western border of Spracklingbank. But remember, if you have an issue, a question or a concern, you can always contact Margaret directly, here on her talk page.

The Godson Arms [79, 36], is the headquarters of HOP and hang-out of the Godson Regulars and the Mad Craskers. When not risking life and limb, Margaret unwinds with the glorious crew in this beautiful old pub.

UPDATE, March 15, 2020: Times are really tough in the NE these days. We are under constant attack

by a mysterious army of hundreds of zombies! Lay low and hide out, if you're able.

The Mester Street RP and immediate area is still patrolled by some brave souls...Be patient and prepared for a longer than
usual wait-time.

Margaret Crane (talk)

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Alfonso Bialetti, we salute you.

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