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The McMurtrie Building.jpg Book Bizarre sign.jpg
Bizzy during Christmas
Bizzy during Christmas

The McMurtrie Building, Rolt Heights [88,12]

Unhallowed Grounds.JPG
Cherry Pie, freshly baked!

Isabel "Bizzy" Bowers of Malibu, California, USA, is the proprietor of Book Bizarre in the beautiful McMurtrie Building [88,12] in Rolt Heights. She was visiting cousins in Malton when the outbreak began, trapping her as it did so many others.

Book Bizarre, for those of you new to the district, is an independent bookstore specializing in murder mysteries and supernatural fiction. The bookstore occupies all four floors of the historic McMurtrie Building. While nowhere near as large as million-volume Powell's City of Books in Portland, Oregon, USA, Book Bizarre nonetheless is estimated to contain a hundred thousand books. Part of the second floor is home to the coffee shop, Unhallowed Grounds, offering a wide selection of gourmet coffees, teas and fresh pastries. Bizzy invites you to come in, relax and enjoy their warm hospitality. Because of the balconies extending from the second level, on fair days patrons may take their refreshments outdoors and read their books to the soothing moans of the shambling zed crowds shuffling along the streets below. Music's in the air and it isn't just jazz quartets and swing from The Mighty Wurlitzer, the jukebox still pristine even after all the travail.

Bright holly everywhere

The black currant jam is from bushes established in the roof garden across the street. Originally, Bizzy started it to produce salad ingredients. That was a number of years ago and it's now grown quite lush. Seedlings and cuttings were planted in large pots, old wash basins and re-purposed cast-iron bathtubs. These tubs and sinks were salvaged at great personal risk by Bizzy and her cohorts from burned-out buildings around the town. (Ask Bizzy, and she'll arrange a tour for you.) The roof is where she keeps the few chickens that provide the eggs for her cakes. Then of course, there's the famous view from the north balcony of the roses blooming in the warmth of the sun.

Late summer is always a very special time at Unhallowed Grounds. A riot of flowers grace every table and fresh fruit pies are always available.

Long ago, there was no roof garden here

The shop is conveniently located four blocks from the Burchell Arms [89,17]. The quickest revives may be had at cemetery [88,13]. After you're revived, while away your afternoons in Book Bizarre next door, then run the four blocks to the Burchell Arms. Their ale is the stuff of legend! All of the holiday parties at Book Bizarre are catered by the Burchell Arms Regulars. These stalwarts have never yet let the community down. Bizzy's buffet table is always a splendid spread that fills half of Unhallowed Grounds. (Where do those deer keep coming from?)

Pyewacket, the shop's cat, enjoys the summers. He's teased mercilessly by the local jackdaws, but always takes it good-naturedly.

There are whispers around the neighborhood, not even rumours really, that Bizzy must be a witch because in spite of all the attacks, the interior of the book shop is still lovely. Bizzy just smiles and shakes her head, then laughs that if she were actually in league with the forces of darkness she'd be doing a lot better than an odd store on the edge of a ruined city. We aren't so sure. "People make their own luck. It's old saying but it's true," Bizzy assures us with a wink and encouragement to finish our coffee cake. She thanks us for coming by to interview her and bustles off, exuding an air of invincibility, to polish some brass or whip up a new batch of blueberry scones in her fabulous shop.

There's lots to do in Rolt Heights

Don't miss our Christmas specials!

This week's special - xxxxxxxxxxxx!


Book Bizarre is always barricaded to EHB for the comfort and safety of our patrons.
Book Bizarre is always barricaded to EHB
for the comfort and safety of our patrons.

Red deer.jpg

Pyewacket, the shop's cat
Apple time
File:Christmas in Bizzy's roof garden.jpg
Christmas in Bizzy's roof garden

Unhallowed Grounds
Unhallowed Grounds

Isabel "Bizzy" Bowers (talk)

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