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Theodora du Maurier #2309035

Theodora du Maurier

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Theodora du Maurier was a police officer in Los Angeles who'd always thought of England as a genteel place full of civilized people. She'd chosen the wrong time to holiday there and the worst time in recorded history to visit Malton. She doubted it had been this bad during the Black Death when the place had been a patchwork of burning plague pits, according to the tour-guide.

In Los Angeles, Theo was frequently involved in shoot-outs with drug gang members. She'd seen some horrible things during her time as an officer. None of that could compare to the things she'd witnessed in Malton.

Once, barricaded safe up on the third floor of a building, she'd been easing into taking a shot at the head of a particular zombie. Like the rest, it shuffled down the street but this one had something hanging over its chin. It was chewing and shambling. Looking through the telescopic lens, she saw its rotted jaw working, working at something, mouth stuffed full. Skin dangled down with torn bloody bits shredded, wobbling off the sides. Soon she realized the stretch of skin hanging over its chin sported a hairy belly button... It was one of the few times she'd heaved up since entering this hellhole of a city. Recovering her cool, Theo blasted the filthy thing's face off and then sucked down a bottle of beer.


She was a member of the security team guarding Tikhon Medical's Fabian General Hospital [34,16] in Shuttlebank. But after a while, Theo found the CCPD, the Challenger Crescent Police Department [43,04]] in East Boundwood was a better fit for her out-going personality. Theo puts the survival skills she learned in Los Angeles to good use every day. It's commonplace for the CCPD crew to have to fight off PKers invading the area. For friends, fast revives and the pride that comes from helping needy citizens in your community, join the CCPD now!

Theo is a crack shot who constantly patrols around the neighborhoods near the Challenger Crescent police station, healing and reviving the wounded. She regularly searches for deranged cultists to run out of the neighborhood and for brain-rotting undead to dispatch. Clogging the revive points and hampering citizen revivals is not tolerated in East Boundwood. The quickest revive may be had at cemetery [43,06].

Theo's no prude, but her independent investigation revealed Erasmus B Dragen (#908484) to be the "Funky Trucker" poo-porn spammer. Since then, she has urged him to seek professional help through the NHS. ( Here is proof:

Theodora du Maurier (talk)

Challenger Crescent Police Department
Challenger Crescent Police Department
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