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boocat had served for years as an army nurse in Afghanistan. Due to the sudden outbreak, she was assigned to accompany one of the military scouting squads sent into Malton. Having no idea what to expect, the soldiers were unfortunately torn to pieces almost immediately. Because of her speed, boocat fared a lot better.

(Will relate another anecdote as soon as time allows.)

She's not cowardly. She never avoids dangerous situations or shirks hazardous duty.


boocat is working hard to quickly learn the secrets of her new suburb. She is a member of the Bowring Blackwatch, headquartered at the Bowring Way Police Department [20,98] in Spicer Hills, helping out anyway she can.

The quickest revive may be had at Dickin Park [19,98], Old Arkham, which is located next door to the Bowring Way PD.

boocat and the rest of the Blackwatch never tolerate rotters clogging citizen revive points or genny-killing GKers ("griefers") or survivor-murdering PKers.

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Headquarters of the Bowring Blackwatch
Headquarters of the Bowring Blackwatch

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