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Call her 'boo'
Call her 'boo'



boocatbutterbee was a performance artist from Los Angeles who choose the wrong time to holiday in Malton.

As a street performer, boo was periodically involved in frightening encounters with drug gang members who maintained that her presence was hampering their trade.

In 2008, she became a member of The Fortress team, Dark Watch.

After about a year of service, she was engaged in a frantic battle and toppled off a roof. She spent the next decade in a coma.

Unexpectedly coming 'round, she was aghast to discover vast areas of the city in ruins and devoid of anyone, living or dead.


Call her "boo".

She wanted to settle in one suburb, maybe put down some roots. As a member of the Malton Forensics Unit (an arm of the Department of Emergency Management, DEM), she continues working in Nixbank and Wykewood. She puts the survival skills learned in Los Angeles and in her time with the Dark Watch to good use. Whether battling zombies or PKers, boo is a ruthless opponent in a fight. Lately, boo has become interested in joining the Long Range Recon Patrol (LRRP) branch of the DEM. This would free her up to explore, heal and revive victims in the decimated NW area of Malton. Also, she would provide twice-weekly security reports on area status.

boo is an excellent shot who loves nothing more than waiting on rooftops and blowing the heads off shambling zeds. She thinks of it as Zen and the Art of Zombie Destruction. When not sniping rotters, she regularly searches for deranged cultists to run out of the neighborhood and for brain-rotting undead to dispatch at the Revive Points (RPs). boo won't tolerate rotters clogging RPs and hampering citizen revivals.

To be revived go to Monro Row [8,76], indoor/outdoor RP St. Eugene's Church [07,77] or cemetery [08,77].

If she gets to know you well enough maybe she'll tell you what her real name is.

MFU logo.jpg Malton Forensics Unit
boocatbutterbee is a member of the MFU.

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St. Patriarch's Church [5,70], Nixbank, can also be used as an RP
St. Patriarch's Church [5,70], Nixbank, can also be used as an RP

boocatbutterbee (talk)

Castle Library, rear view.jpg

Castle Library [0,70], rear view

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