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Chad Pfeil
Joined the Fight: 13 February 2006
Urban Dead Profile: Chad Pfeil
Group: SHSR
Class: Military
Level: 5
Status: Alive
Location: Shuttlebank


A tall man, standing well over six feet, with broad shoulders and a few extra pounds around his waist. He wears an open flak jacket over a set of subdued urban BDUs, unpolished, black jungle boots, and a boonie hat with its sides curled upwards.

Before the outbreak, Chad Pfeil was an Army veteran steadily rising within the ranks of national government. Born in East Boundwood and raised in Shuttlebank, he helplessly watched from afar as newscasts began to report about the emerging zombie hordes ravaging his hometown. Upon hearing of the quarantine and closing of the Malton's borders, he resigned his post and headed home.

For several months, he desperately searched among the countless survivors hiding throughout the city for members of his family . As time passed, his hope faded and he grew to accept the fact those he held dearest in the world had fallen in the wake of destruction brought down on Malton by the relentless swarms of undead. His personal mission over, Chad returned to Shuttlebank in February of 2006 to join the struggle in seeing his hometown secured and this nightmare brought to an end.

Though his years in the Army have served him well alone, he knows only a coordinated effort by all will bring peace and security to his hometown, its neighbors, and the city. Using the experience he gained in his years of national service, Chad has begun working toward reestablishing the Shuttlebank Homeland Security Region. Currently, he is recruiting personnel to fill various departmental positions, making initial contact with those groups known to be working within the suburb, and developing plans to best accomplish the organization's goals.


Details to follow.

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