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Name  : Chadders149

Age  : 18

Bloodtype : A+

Level  :3

Hometown  : Manchester, England

F Rank  : Trusted Member

Army Rank : Sargeant 1st Class


Chadders149 is an average sized male with a rather rugged yet handsome appearence. He has not had time to shave since he began his fight against the Zombies. He is currently wearing Urban Combat Camoflage and carying a pistol


Chadders149 was born in Manchester, England and moved to Malton as a child. He spent most of his early days growing up in the Pescodside district and became higly popular amonst the locals. He became a local hero when he began his military career and his parents celebrated the fact with a newsletter of his achievements in their shop window. Sadly this was not to last, the outbreak saw to that. All he held dear was lost and his parents killed. At present Chadders149 is fighting with the ragtag band of freedom fighters F for Freedom. At current he is based in and around St. Ninnian's Hospital. It is also rumoured that since returning he has conducted multiple scavenger hunts.


F for Freedom.JPG F for Freedom
This user or group supports F for Freedom.

SSZlogo2.jpg Survivor Security Zone
Chadders149 helps to protect the Survivor Security Zone.

Actions in Malton

February 8th/7th: Became temporarily incapacitated but managed to be saved at the woodland lane revive point

January 31st: Moved into the Roftwood suburb to find Douggers

January 23rd: Discovered a radio and fire axe.

January 21st: Learnt the valuable art of free running.

December 31st/January 1st: Celebrated new year in a drunken state.

December 25: Celebrated christmas with the other members of F for Freedom

Early December: Began to talk of the idea of F for Freedom and later joined.

November 30st: Witnessed the power of the Zombies and discontinued fighting due to the loss of a comrade (name withheld)

November 1st: Arrived home after hearing of recent events and began the fight.

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