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Private Roland
Joined: 2005-10-16 20:32:50
Character class: Uncertain
Favorite equipment: Claw
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Zombie
Character group: TSO
Character stats: A lot of kills, A lot of death.
Journal: "No journal" for Private Roland

I am new here. Nothing interesting, just a normal UD player.

Do not make stupid suggestions that does not comply with the laws of physics. If it doesn't comply with the laws of physics, it will just get killed by me with huge paragraphs of physics, not nice at all I tell you.

Example 1

Point Blank

Timestamp: 21:54, 25 April 2006 (BST)
Type: Skill
Scope: Survivors Level 10+
Description: This skill allows owners to have a 100% chance of hitting a zombie, allthough it grately reduces the amount of damage done, i.e. by 1/2 and rounded up to the nearest whole number. It also costs 2 AP to attack with this skill. It is only an optional to use the skill, where is says "Attack:[a zombie] with [pistol] at [20%, 5 damage]" (for example) you can also have the option "Attack:[a zombie] with [pistol] at [100%, 3 damage]" (the damage is reduced because of the velocity of the speeding bullet passing straight through the target). It is a zombie hunter skill, if you hadn't guessed and costs 100xp to purchase.


  1. KILL -It's not it unbalances the game, its simply unwise. If you use some maths. And it doesn't comply with physics.
    Start with 50 AP, enough ammos, and zombies have no flak jackets. With point blank means 25*3=75 damage.Without this skill and all pistol training, its 50*5*.65(65%, surely if you are lvl 10 and a active zombie killer, you will have all the pistal trainging)=162.5 damage. With basic pistal trainging, 50*5*.55=137.5 damage. With basic firearm trainging, 50*5*.75 damage. Unless your lvl 10+ have no basic firearm trainging, this might be something that helps you.
    And to be honest, I just did a shitload of physics, with the projectile starting with same initial speed as it is the same gun, therefore due to stokes law (just for spheres but still we can assume that the bullet is a sphere), as long as the ammo is the same size, and the viscosity of the air is the same (if the air don't get sticky, which really dont happens in a zombie apo, possiblly some other the end of the word sort of thing), with the air resistance being the same, the velocity will be the same. You can't control the speed of the bullet. Also F=MA, you can control the acceleration of the object, but the speed will have no effect on the force, so even if it is travelling in a faster speed it will not be affect the damage, the acceleration of the bullet affects the thing. Also if you wish the decrease the damage, try to reduce the aceleration, but if you decrease it, SURELY max phane sort of slow motion stuff might happen, if it occurs in the physics of point blank. This might be a REALLY cool flavour thing, and I really like flavour stuff, but this is impratical and does not comply with the laws of physics that i am really having a headache with. Keep the work up, I am sure you will have a great suggestion soon. I am just hating physics now, so don't mind me.--Changchad 23:32, 25 April 2006 (BST)

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