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Joined: 2007-01-16
Character class: policeman
Favorite equipment: shotgun
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: alive, and killing zeds
Character group: GC
Character stats:
Journal: "No journal" for Che13

He is totally pro survivor. He learned fast that death was only a minor disturbance of your normal routine and joined a group that fights always in the front lines with the Anti siege strategy always in mind. He also supports the defence of a necrotech building before anything else

Policebadge.jpg Cop
This user is a Cop and is probably off shooting a zombie.
Zcow.jpg Suck the Cow!
In the grim darkness of Malton there is only war. And rats.
Kareliya (Small).jpg We love Lachryma!!!
Che13 loves the hot Russian lady!!!
Symbol3.png The Crimson Wolves
This user or group is affiliated or allied with The Crimson Wolves, a survivor group dedicated to slaughtering slightly undead people whose only sin is their addiction to devouring other people alive.
Penelope.png FIND THE SQUID
This user or group is a supporter of The Search for Penelope.


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