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The Whole Truth, The Half Truth And Nothing Like The Truth

Known As Mark Chopper Reid. This rather intimidating man is clothed in a slick, black suit. Tattoo's sprawl out over his neck and his hands, one of which is holding a 4'10 Shotgun, the other, a 6-Shooter Magnum.

Setting aside his weapons of choice, Choppers appearance was not once how it is.. Before the disease, the infection, whatever you will call it.. Chopper had very close ties with The Yakuza, and it's Front known as The Sun Organization. He was what we call a Debt Collector. When somebody owed money, wether they intended on paying it or not.. Chopper was given a call. And he loved his job, with a true passion... It didn't get much better, cracking skulls for a living and getting paid for it. But once the plague spread and the City of Malton was quarrantined, Chopper realised that in dark times like these, his charistmatic yet questionable methods and tactics he had once used in his previous 'career' could now be used in an attempt to commit mass genocide on the walking dead. See, Chopper just wasn't any old debt collector, he was notoriously known by anybody who was a somebody, throughout the underworld of Malton. Debt collecting was simply the image the law had evidence of. What the police never seemed to be able to do was pin any evidence that Chopper was in fact the founder of a Bounty Hunters Guild called Big Shot, nor could they re-enforce their arguement that Chopper, on many occasions, handed out his own brand of punishment to what he called "The scum of Malton". But as much as the police wanted him behind bars, the evidence for them to have him locked away was what they were always lacking, and even if they were to finally gain the upper hand, would they really have the muscle or smarts to bring him in? Having once illuminated the sky with gunfire, Chopper faught his way out of a Police Station full of officers, armed originally only with his 4'10. He took six shots to the body and leg before he finally hurtled through the station doors, where DannGunn, his to be leader, had sent an armoured car, complete with driver, to aid in his escape.

The Coming of The Reavers

After he had regained his health and his scars now stood for his inhumane determination to see his goals through, DannGunn offered Chopper the position of leading his personal extermination/assassination squad of The Sun Org... And how could Chopper resist?

The first Survivor that was allowed to join the ranks of The Reavers was SpikeSpeigal, shortly followed by FayeValentine, then Trigger Slip, then Kamajii, and the newest recruit is Don Mega. Since their formation, The Reavers have been the most active faction of The Sun Organization. Famous in Brooke Hills for their overnight movements in clearing entire buildings and restoring their 'cades, the HQ of The Reavers eventually became known as the Crabbe Arms Pub. This was one of the only buildings in Brooke Hills that never fell throughout the war with the Eastonwood Ferals until the closing days; and only then did it fall due to The Reavers abandoning it to be lead by Chopper into the heart of Eastonwood itself for a greater presense there. With the help of The Reavers, not to mention, The Sun Org, the 'Battle for Brooke Hills' was won in the name of Survivors and now these same Survivors fight for the freedoms of Brooke Hills and it;s neighbours by taking the battle to the EF on their hometurf.

Since moving into Eastonwood, the Reavers have established a name for themselves as a ruthless extermination squad who ever more frequently organize timed raids upon the Eastonwood Ferals, rendering buildings full of them to corpses left outside. The reputation of The Reavers continues to grow as now they play a strong part in the Eastonwood Confederation, along with an onslaught of other reputable and respectable groups. Perhaps a WP about the Reavers will be created in the near future...

Groups the Reavers have worked with in joint operations

  • The MPD
  • The MFD
  • The CMS/CMS-Meta
  • The DHPD
  • The Abandoned
  • The USAI

Groups and 'burbs that after request, the Reavers have come to act as re-enforcements for

  • The EC in Eastonwood
  • The CMS/CMS-Meta and the MPD in Darvall Heights
  • The Abandoned and the YRC in Yagoton
  • The MZK in Ketchellbank
  • The Shearbank Alliance in guess where?

Notorious Heads Removed

This is just a small section which makes mention of famed Zombies and PKers I've whacked. There's also a tally of the number of Eastonwood Ferals that I've laid to rest, seeing as they're our favourite adversary from the undead.

  • Pathetic Bill He left me on 4Hp, I felt it only fair to return the favour, though I shot him once more than he did me ^.^
  • Brain Zombie The true brains behind the operations of the EF
  • Zaknrfama Leader of the PKer group The Neon Knights

EF: 58 (Though it's more than likely that the number is greater and that I just hadn't realised I'd killed an EF member at some point in the past).

The one and only.. Chopper.jpg Leader of the Reaver Faction of Sun2.jpg

The Midfielder Maestro of The STARS Hooligans! Supporting violence, rioting and drunken chantings throughout the duration of the World Cup.

Pie.jpg Piebtration
This user believes that pie duels can solve most problems in life.
Stoned.gif Malton Neighborhood Watch
This group or user is too stoned to support the
Malton Neighborhood Watch.
Antiph.JPG PH Extermination
This User or Group supports the elimination of PH in the Southern Suburbs of Malton.
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