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Chris' 'Redfield
I am Chris Redfield. Die wesker.
Joined: 2007-1-1
Character class: Lone Wolf military.
Favorite equipment: My Badass Handconnon .50 cal Magnum
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Unknown. wounded and lost, presumably
Character group: OMC
Character stats: 1 death, no revives, 3 zeds killed, 1 pk against a pker.
Journal: Read under the letter dumbass! for Chris' 'Redfield
Me lost...

Part 1

Arriving in malton.
April 4, 2007
Today I died. As I became one of the undead and headed to a safer suburb for a so called revive, i though to myself, why, OH why can I still think. Going...going...ggoooooooiiinnnggg....gangbang harmarnaz barhah!!!!rahrhah!!!