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Cody Mac
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Cody Mac, a now apointed Umbrella Corporation Colonel works for Umbrella Corporation and is a proud member of Umbrella’s Sigma Platoon. He kills zombies, heals his teammates, revives his fallen teammates, and helps them on the latest missions.

So you can pretty much say I am a loyal soldier for Umbrella. I am basically skilled in Healing, Reviving, and Killing. Yes… it is survival out here in Malton. But with Umbrella and me and my team, we are willing to provide help with our allies in neighboring suburbs to get relief of the dead scum that plagues us all.

From: South Vale, Silent Hill

Original Character: Cody Mac

Group: Umbrella Corporation - Joined April 1st, 2008

Minor Group: Victor Platoon, Umbrella Corporation - April 2ed, 2008

Minior Group: Sigma Platoon, Umbrella Corporation - March 1st, 2009

Class: Civilian

Level: 41

Character Type: Pro Survivor

InDepth Character Description

A handsome young man of about 5 foot 11 and 20 years of age. He has a kick ass moustache + chin hair, medium length brunette hair, bushy sideburns, and big blue eyes. He is always smoking a Marlboro cigarette and carrying 3 Pump Action Shotguns and 2 Glocks. Two are in an X behind his back and one hanging sideways across his lower back. On his left and right thigh are Glock 34 pistols with a flashlight and infrared beam built on. There is also a blood incrusted axe swinging on the side of his left waste.

Wearing: a white medical facemask, a white hooded sweater, a black raincoat, a pair of pale blue jeans and a blood-soaked pair of white shoes.

Suburb Battles I’ve Been In
  • Penny Heights
  • Shearbank
  • Yagoton - Mall
  • Ridleybank
  • Roachtown
  • Stanbury Village - Mall
  • Roachtown
  • Shearbank - Mall
  • Roachtown
  • Darvall Heights/ Chudleyton - Mall

Real Life Cody Mac

From: W. Va., United States of America

Name: Cody R. M.

Nick Name: Cody Mac, Mac Daddy, Mac

Age: 20

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Built: Average

Height: 5'8

Race: Caucasian

E-Mail: Classified Information

Job: Unemployed Stoner / Freelance Artist / Writer / Gamer

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