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Irene Ceres Reltor

Irene Ceres Reltor
Joined: August 1, 2008
Character style: Survivor
Favorite equipment: Her revolver, any anything to stay alive.
Current status: Trying to make Malton a better place.
Group: Soldiers of Crossman


Once her main character, Colette now considers her an alt. Irene belongs to the Soldiers of Crossman, but she doesn't like the military too much. Having received no training or special preparation, she is more like an average girl. At least in the physical aspect. Perhaps the most remarkable trait of her appearance is her hair, which is very long. Of a light brown color, it reaches her waist. 1.75 meters tall. Her eyes are of a light brown color, although the contact lenses she wears make her eyes of an intense red. She usually wears a white blouse and a pale blue skirt, and black shoes. In her neck there is always a pristine diamond necklace.

Irene is extremely cautious and polite. You will never hear her swearing or being vulgar. Instead, she treats everyone she trusts with respect and kindness, and prefers not to treat those who she doesn't know.

She prefers to avoid problems at all costs, often eviting crowds and dangerous places. She believes that, unless her life is in a grave danger, there is no need to take any risks. She also hates pointless fights, and prefers to stay away from them. But if there is need to fight, she knows how to handle her .357 Magnum revolver quite efficiently.

Her favorite hobby is to read books at dark places, illuminated only by the fire of a candle, to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Playing Style

This was Colette's second character. The first character she created died in the second closure of Monroeville. Irene's first months were difficult because she was still learning how to stay alive. After some time, Colette decided to take a break from Urban Dead indefinitely, leaving Irene to idle out. Months later Colette continued playing with Irene as her main character, until she turned into Level 41 (The maximum level for a survivor at that time), and the game started to become monotonous and boring. Colette decided to start over again, with Colette Hart as her main character, and became more interested in RPing, which added a lot more fun into the game. Then Colette redefined her first character.

As a random fact, both of Irene's names are names of godesses of the Ancient world. Irene, a Greek goddess; and Ceres, a Roman godess. This was completely unintentional when Colette created the character, and she only realized several months later. Irene is the godess of peace, and perhaps that's why she is very peaceful. Again, this was completely unintentional when the character was created, as she was much more violent at the beginning, when Colette was still starting to learn how to play the game.

Although she is officially part of the Military, as her starting class was Scout, Colette considers Irene as a Civilian for Roleplaying purposes. She's Level 41, with more than 6,600 Exp, making her Colette's most experienced alt.


Red Mage.gif Roleplaying Notice
Notice: This User or Group enjoys the RPG aspect of MMORPGs, the category of games that Urban Dead falls into. As such, there is probably quite a bit of roleplaying and/or creative writing on this page and in said User/Group's in-game actions. In other words, if you think the difference between IC and OOC is "One has an 'I' and the other has two 'O's," buzz off.

On her early twenties, Irene Ceres is a lonely, introverted girl, who really dislikes getting into trouble. Named after two goddesses of the ancient world, Irene was a girl who spent most of her time on her room, reading books and listening to music.

She was born in Malton on a cold winter day. Her mother was a curator at the Russel Museum; her father, an officer of the Stockley Walk Police Department. Both died in an car accident when Irene was young. She was raised by her aunt, who was a teacher at the Mist Alley School. Her aunt was the only family she had left in the world. Irene had a rather pleasant life, despite living in a humble economic condition. Visiting the museums, cathedrals and libraries became one of her favorite hobbies. About a year before the outbreak, her aunt got an incurable disease, and died in a few months. Irene was forced to work part-time as a waitress for a living, using the saved money her parents and her aunt had left to keep her studies. She was in her home one day when the outbreak began. Zombies started attacking. The media and the military had told the civilians to take shelter in their homes. That's what she did. She took her father's gun, one of the few things she still had that belonged to her parents, and barricaded herself inside her house. She gathered all the food and water she could, as well as some books. "Having something to read to distract my mind from the hell the world has become is one of the few ways to keep my sanity", she often says. However, knowing that her supplies would not last long, and with all the zombies constantly trying to enter her house, she decided to go outside, hoping to find a way to get out of the city.

A couple of years have passed since. She has lost all hopes of finding a way to get out of the city. Miraculously, she has been able to keep her sanity. At least that is what she thinks. After witnessing all this violence, it is hard to keep one's sanity...

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