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  • Date of Birth: August, 1991
  • Hair: Black

Who I Am =

  • Place of Birth: Dulston, Malton
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 5'7
  • Complexion: Fair
  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Sex: Male
  • Build: Fit
  • Race: Hispanic
I'm new to wiki and I'm starting a new group here called The Cobra Federation.

Cobra-2-1.gif The Cobra Federation
This user is an active operative of The Cobra Federation.

My Story

For months in my short, but graphic life in Malton I have always thought PKers and zeds were true evil...I had hit the ground runing when I was accepted to an unnamed survivor group...I was a medic and was meant evacuate people and heal them...I was abandoned by them and left for dead after I gave them so much help and vital info...When I finally was revived I wandered the streets just trying to alive...

After staying in a Very Dangerous Areas for some days I was accepted to the ACC (Army Control Corps) group... They seemed to be cool, but I wasn't aware how boring and up-tight they were...They sent me into boot camp saying it was safe and there would be trainers to help me out...They were dead wrong, the place they sent me was only safe for 2 days then all the zeds came in and killed almost everyone...

I manage to stay put and survive, but that wasn't the worst part...Until recently i asked my fellow ACC trainees members if they would like to chill and train in a Very Dangerous Areas since WE ARE FREE TO DO ANYTHING...I asked my commander if I could and he accepted it, but when I made the thread to start our training I was accused of forming a new group to "over-throw the group" and "forcing" trainees againist their will...I'm not allowed to attack zeds when I'm a zed...It all had becomed a bunch of crap to me...

That was the last straw after being treated like a spy, not allowed to be PKer, and being "accidently" killed by another survivor group CAS (Cheap Ass Survivors) its enough to make me forget about protecting others and stop being treated like an expendable tool..

I travled to other groups saying it offers "freedom", well that was a waste of time so I formed my own group and have plans of taking over Malton with my group...I offer real freedom and respect to users on UrbanDead and none of that crap about doing good...My group does what it wants either good or evil...

Other than that I hope I can form my group in order to reshape Malton...