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Member of HM Headhunters previously on active duty in Mockridge Heights and Fort Perryn. Condi is currently on active duty around the Houldenbank area of Malton.

Dr Everard "Condi" Rice graduated from Hollyoaks Community College[1] in 1987 with a first class honours degree in Medicine. Records show that Dr Rice then pursued an unconventional programme of further education at Harvard Medical School, the Royal College of Vetenarians and Grimm & Sons Undertakers of Durham. It is believed that The Department for the Undead had already recruited Dr Rice at this stage of his career - singling him out as an able medic and covert intel officer for the newly-formed HM Headhunters.

In 2004 Dr Rice was placed undercover in Malton, preceeded by a biosciences degree at Sheffield University. Shortly after graduation Dr Rice was installed as Chief Advisor to the reanimation department at NecroTech Labs.

Since the outbreak, Dr Rice is believed to have joined fellow HM Headhunters operatives to carry out overt revivification and undead elemination activities.

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