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A zombie who enjoys poetry, philosophy and eating brains.

Minions of the Apocalypse is a wonderful zombie group. I am a proud member and dedicated to The-End-of-All-Life in Malton.

What Zombies Need

I think these things,which are already Peer Reviewed (*Or promised by Kevan himself) would go a long way to make zombies more fun to play. --Contaminated 21:12, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT)

(** Implemented)

Malton Location Theory

As to the location of Malton, I believe I have figured it out:

  • Malton is on a fictional and artificial square island south of England, which is privately owned by the NecroTech Corporation, and while technically a territory of the United States is run not unlike Raccoon City from Resident Evil (ie town run by evil corporation). It was created by the NecroTech Corporation so British people could experience shopping at malls with liquor and gun stores, while the corporation tested horrible things that caused the zombie plague. The reason the Pubs are very British is because most of the inhabitants are originally from England.

Signature Art



Fires in the Apocalypse

Timestamp: 23:22, 19 June 2006 (BST)
Type: New skills and items, building changes, and game flavor
Scope: Everyone
Description: If you don't like some part of this suggestion, please note which part in your vote so that I can work on a revised version. (Note: this is not a dupe of Fire! or Fires -that's the one above formated for when it is put on previous days suggestion-) Though to be honest I did just rework the parts that seemed not right to me until I came up with something different and could work.

This suggestion would change the game in several ways. It would add new items, a survivor skill, create new possible attack tactics for zombies, increase the value of fire stations, and add game flavor.

Buildings would be able to have an on fire status. Buildings that are on fire would not be damaged, however, any generators or radio transmitters set within the building are destroyed until the fire is extinguished. Also the search chances is reduce an amount equal to the bonus for searching with lights on until it is extinguished due to smoke.

Buildings that are on fire would have additional status messages added to the inside and outside of the building (e.g., "Smoke fills the air of the warehouse, and you hear crackling of flames somewhere" and "Smoke billows out of the broken windows of the school, and you can hear the crackling of flames inside.").

Buildings could be lit on fire in a few different ways:

  • When destroying a running, fueled generator, there would be a 5% chance that would light the building on fire. (this would make there a reason to keep a mall corner un-powered.
  • When using a flare gun to attack barricades, there would be a 1% chance that would light the building on fire.
  • The person who set the fire would be non-anonymous to those around

Fires would be extinguished with a new object, Fire Extinguisher, found at 25% in fire stations and 1% in mall hardware stores. The fire extinguisher would be a limited use item like a spray can, and would be removed from your inventory after it is used up. Survivors using a fire extinguisher on an on-fire building would click the fire extinguisher in their inventory. Additionally, survivors could purchase the Fire Fighting skill, under the civilian skill tree, which would give an additional uses of a fire extinguisher and grant XP for putting out a fire similar to Tagging. Attempting to use the fire extinguisher on a building that is not on fire would give an error message and use 1 AP, but would not use the fire extinguisher.


  1. Keep My rework of a not quite functional idea. --Contaminated 23:22, 19 June 2006 (BST)