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December 10th, 017.M42:

Hello, and welcome to my first internet Journal.

My name Is Corem Johannes. I was born 7.5 years before the outbreak, my first memory is of my first Death, and my second my first revive. The the Urban Dead War is all I've ever known, and It's all I probably ever WILL know. I'm a soldier in that war, and God-Emperor willing I'll be able to make a difference in it. I learned to Parkor about the same time I learned basic math, and I've been fleeing the Zombies my whole life. Well, no more Running, I aim to misbehave! I've finally found my father again, the man who has become Pontifex Urba for all of the Quarantined areas of Malton by virtue of being the last person willing to do the job. I'm making my way to Vinetown on his orders, the Imperium's command structures have collapsed, only my father appears to remain, so be it: Mom taught me to be a God-Emperor fearing Soul, today, I go to make my stand with the allies Ive been able to recruit in Vinetown. Today, The Imperium is reborn.

Corem Johannes (talk) 02:28, 10 December 2017 (UTC)

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