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Adrian Shephard

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NecroTech BASIC O/S 4.21.9v3
Copyright 1976

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Personnel File - Adrian Shephard

The following document is a detailed personnel file on Adrian Shephard, a registered and licensed NecroTechnician operating within the quarantined city of Malton. As per special request (handled in form 22-C-Alpha-Beta-D), the file has been authorized for his access and for public display on NecroNet 2.0 terminals by A.L.I.C.E.


BlankBlackSpace.png Physical Description
Adrian Shephard is a fairly average male subject. He is Caucasian, standing one hundred and eighty-eight (188) centimetres tall and weighing eighty-two (82) kilograms. His natural hair colour is a dark, dirty brown, and his eyes are green. He is physically fit and active, and while he has a slight frame he is strong enough to preform well in both normal and combat situations. As of his last examination, Adrian Shephard has a short haircut and a beard, as well as a large scar running across his back.

BlankBlackSpace.png Clothing
Adrian Shephard prefers wearing light, well-fitting clothing, both to minimalize the possibility of being grabbed by zombies and to enhance dexterity. He no longer wears a certified military outfit, and instead possesses a dark blue greatcoat, a brown jacket, tan t-shirt, black trousers and steel toe-capped boots. He is also known to keep a pair of military dogtags on his person at all times.

BlankBlackSpace.png Registered Equipment
Adrian Shephard is an experienced survivor who has training in all equipment found on Malton. As such, he maintains a stock of various useful items, replacing them when required. His equipment often includes, but is not limited to; a GPS unit, NecroTech DNA extractor (hacked), several first aid kits, at least one revivification syringe , a flashlight, and a pair of binoculars. Being from a military background, he has gathered an assortment of firearms, including five pistols and two shotguns. For melee combat, he keeps a pair of hunting knives and a fireaxe. For added protection, he wears a flak jacket underneath his standard clothing, using it's harnesses and clips to carry his equipment and ammunition. Finally, he wears a pair of heavy-duty safety goggles for added protection, as well as keeping a large, leather-bound journal with him at all times.

BlankBlackSpace.png History

Adrian Shephard worked in a military base nearby Malton with the rank of Corporal, mainly doing nothing but drills and training. However, he did notice a large amount of contact between the base and the NecroTech facilities inside Malton. Intrigued by this, he began to search through the restricted files of the base whenever he could, occasionally getting in trouble for this but almost always managing to avoid discovery or weasel his way out of punishment.

The Outbreak:
Adrian Shephard was reassigned to the perimeter wall, where he worked on monitoring the conditions within and working the supply drop helicopters during flyovers for several years, where he was kept too busy, perhaps intentionally, to investigate the cause.

Early Months and the ACC:
On the seventeenth of February, 2008, there was a malfunction with the chopper Shephard was riding in. Losing altitude, Adrian bailed out of the chopper before it crashed and killed the rest of the crew, finding himself in hostile territory.

Doing his best to survive for the longest time, Shephard joined the Army Control Corps after a chance encounter with one of their members in a besieged police station. Making good use of their training, he learnt how to survive in the city, taking part in several of their operations. Reports indicate that he was likely suffering from a combination of shock and denial, clinging to his military identity and going so far as to salvage standard military outfits from the Forts when his own became too damaged to wear.

During the end of this period, Shephard suffered a concussion which knocked him into a coma for nearly two weeks. Psychological evidence suggests this may have been what caused his later actions.

Dereliction of Duty:
During his time in the ACC, he discovered something frightening with the aid of Wesley Seldon, an acquaintance who had also joined the Army Control Corps. A single document shattered Adrian's faith. It detailed the involvement of the ACC in a project to create a easily controllable zombie horde, for use as a biological weapon. Horrified, Adrian dropped off the radar, went AWOL, and began to devote himself to finding out how deep this mystery went. Eventually, this lead to a period of intense personal reflection, ending in him totally reconfiguring his personality and appearance. He then worked on creating a group to find and protect the secrets behind Malton and the zombies, known as The Shadowfall Organization.

Though he did gain several members, many simply gave hints and clues to further caches of information. In the end, The Shadowfall Organization remained what it had been meant to be, a loose, nearly unknown collection of people holding pieces of a greater puzzle. But Adrian's involvement in Malton was far from over.

After a particularly harrowing search for information which led to him being locked in a safehouse for a month or two, Adrian Shephard reconsidered his mission. The documents he had sought out had been placed in the proper hands, the information he needed spread spread, and the secrets that had to remain buried, buried. The Shadowfall Organization had served it's purpose. So what of him?

He once again underwent a change in his personality (quite likely from the weeks spent in isolated self-contemplation), reforming into a cross between the mysterious persona which had led the Shadowfall Organization and the down-to-earth Corporal who had first arrived in Malton and joined the ACC. What sources he still had told him that Wesley Seldon was dead or gone, and so lacking his only real friend in the undead city he decided to tough it out.

New Objectives:
Shephard then stayed in southern Malton, doing his best to be helpful and fight back the Zombie attacks that had become oh-so-frequent in those times. He had also begun planning to find Wesley Seldon again, and should be really be dead, revive him. To this goal, he made contact with a NecroTech employee, Geddy Allman, in hopes of gaining his assistance in locating his now-MIA friend. Due to the conditions, he opted to refrain from joining another major organization or group and instead become a Freelancer.

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